Tuesday, December 17, 2013

31 Days of Prayer: When you need God's favor

I love this song. It speaks to me in my most disappointed moments. Like today. Earlier this afternoon, I was frustrated, mad and depressed all at once-- at least on the inside. On the outside, I did my best to keep up a positive front. I went through that inner struggle because of personal situations I've been battling for a while now and today it felt like I just could not win. So I contacted one of my pastors who said she'd pray for me. God bless her heart, this pastor reminded me that I need to "be at peace" and realize that I am "loved, no matter what."

Now what do my personal battles have to do with this song, "God's Favor"? Just wait, I will tell you. God speaks to us in a myriad of manners. Sometimes it's in a quiet whisper from God's Holy Spirit that speaks to our souls. Sometimes its through a God-breathed word from a ministry leader, pastor, family member or friend. And sometimes in my own situation, God drops a song into my spirit. Today, the song that arrived in my mind is this one,"God's Favor" as performed by Gospel Artist Donald Lawrence and The Tri-City singers. The first time I heard this song, I was a freshman in college in the process of auditioning for the university's gospel choir and the power of these words, the poignancy of this soulful melody spoke volumes to me. Soon after being accepted into the choir, I bought the CD. Yes, it's been a while (these were the days before iTunes).

God never ceases to amaze me because this is not the first time He's dropped a song that I have not thought of in a long while, into my spirit and encouragement and peace follows. I am grateful that the Creator of the Universe has spoken through this gospel song to remind me that His favor, yes God's favor is more precious and powerful than any battle I'm facing in this life here on Earth. Be it broken dreams or a broken heart, God reigns! And His favor is supreme meaning God is the greatest power in the universe so you can trust that when you have His favor, you can be victorious over any battle you're facing in this life.

So today I want to pray for anyone who is feeling disappointed, discouraged, brokenhearted, mad, frustrated and/or depressed! I pray God will encourage you, support you, carry you and bring you into brighter and happier days filled with His love, His grace, His mercy and yes, His favor.

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