Monday, December 9, 2013

31 Days of Prayer: God will never forsake you

I admire artists who take the road less traveled. Meredith Andrews is one of my favorites because she tackles real life issues and through her struggle makes beautiful melodies with lyrics that truly draw you in to listen and you hear God's heart through her words.

Meredith's song, "Not for A Moment (After All)" is built upon one simple, Biblical truth-- God will NEVER leave you or forsake you (Hebrews 13:5). I hope you will listen to what Meredith has to say about the story behind this poignant song in the video above this message.

There are times in a believer's life when your world comes crashing down around you and all you sense is deep spiritual darkness. When you're in those times, you need to remember one simple truth-- God will NEVER leave you or forsake you. He's right there with you, even if you fly as high as the heavens or if you make your bed in hell (Psalm 139:8). Why? Because God loves you and NOTHING can separate you from the love of God (Romans 8:38-39).

Another life issue Meredith addresses in this song is how it's not our job to try to change the people around us. But it IS our job to love the people God's placed in our lives and PRAY for them, asking God to lead the person who's lost their way home not just to the physical house address but to God's heart. I know I've had that "save the world" mindset, thinking I can say or do something so inspiring and positive that those who have lost their way will find Jesus when in reality, that mindset is not always fruitful because only Jesus Christ can save us. Our salvation is not found in our works or witnessing, it's found in our faith. We must have FAITH in God, faith in His Son Jesus Christ and allow our lives to be led by God's Holy Spirit who will lead us into all truth and you know what they say about truth-- it will set you free.

Do you know anyone who needs to be free from pain, free from addiction, free from deceit? Truth is only Jesus Christ can set them free. We just need to pray for the people on our hearts each and every day and leave our prayers in God's capable hands trusting Him to answer our prayers in His perfect time.

Timing. We living in a minute-society where we grow impatient even when warming food in the microwave for fifty seconds. But the beauty of God's timing is that it's perfect. God may not answer your prayer how and when you want Him to BUT He is, as the older generation says,"An ON TIME God!"

Today, let's pray for those who have lost their way. Let's reach out to those who we want to return home not just to an address but to God's heart which overflows with love for them no matter where they've been or what they've done.

Dear God,

Please be with your modern day prodigal sons and your prodigal daughters who have taken a journey into all the world has to offer. Perhaps it was the pursuit of riches, glory, fame and fortune that led them away from you. Maybe it was a personal pain with negative experiences, hurt, heartbreak or sorrow. 

Sometimes a troubled childhood, drug addiction or traumatic experience may have been what's hardened their hearts against You. But dear God please intervene. Send reminders of Your love, grace and mercy into their life right now, wherever they may be. Infuse the truth about Your character into the situation they've thought was hopeless and if they don't think they need help, remind them of why they need You. Debunk all of the lies that the enemy has made them to believe. Reply to those lies with Your Truth according to Your Word (The Holy Bible) which is that You love them with all Your divine heart and that through faith in You they can win whatever battle they're facing.

Please replace their fear with faith, their pain with purpose and their hostility with a heart that longs to serve You. May Your glory that we pray will come into their story change not only their hearts but the lives of those around your children who are watching. May Your saving your children from a destructive lifestyle be a testimony to what You can do for those who believe in You and may more people be saved because of it.

In Jesus' Name I pray,


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