Thursday, June 5, 2014

Thankful Thursday: God's got this

It's Thursday and I'm thankful to serve a God who assures me in so many ways that He's "got this" meaning no matter what I face, God has my back and He proves it in the most creative ways!

Case in point, earlier this week the editor of Collegiate Quarterly (CQ) for whom I used to work for as the Growing Up columnist (for five years), contacted me. She asked me if I could coordinate a week's worth of lessons for CQ Bible Study Guide for Young Adults. This involves finding six writers--one has to be a pastor or trained theologian--and asking them to write one article to be published in CQ. It is a process that usually takes a few weeks, maybe a month. But as soon as I told the editor that I'd be one of her coordinators, I sent out an all-call to everyone I knew and seconds after sending it, I had two writers then one more and before that very hour was over, I had five writers! The first pastor whose name popped in my head was the person I contacted first to write the section for pastors, agreed a few hours later. So in less than 10 hours on the very same day of signing on as a coordinator, I had all of my writers!

Now the amazing aspect of this testimony is that I've been a coordinator for CQ about five times now and never, ever have I gotten all of my writers in ONE DAY!

I believe this was meant to be so I'm glad I said "yes" to being a coordinator again.

After seeing how quickly the process of signing on my writers was, I was encouraged because I realize that God cares about every aspect of my life and He answers prayers before they are even spoken (Isaiah 65:24). I did not know I was going to be asked to be a coordinator that day and I don't think I said a prayer to God to help me find my writers. But God knew this is what I needed and He worked it out for me, moving on the hearts and minds of the people who were to be my writers for this round, in record time!

Essentially, this situation has taught me to trust God with everything and know that He's got this (He covers me with His Providence, Grace and Mercy).

What about you? Do you have a testimony to share? If yes, leave a comment below this message.