Monday, May 21, 2012

Purposed to put a smile on your face :)

Dear friends,

When you find treasure, share it, right? ;)

I would like to share these pearls of wisdom, this priceless treasure of blog posts, by a few of my favorite writers online, with you! Yes, YOU! :)

My prayer is for God to speak through the written works of these inspired writers to bring your heart closer to His endless love for you and bringing a smile to your face if you're having a bad day would be nice too! ;)

Happy reading!



P.S._ And of course, here are the works:

Blog: In the Name of Love

Author: Bianca Juarez


Some thoughts on faithfulness twenty years later…


Blog: Lysa TerKeurst

Author: Lysa TerKeurst (of Proverbs 31 Ministries)

Post: And I had the perfect comeback


Blog: Grace with Silk

Author: Valerie Sisco

(Guest) Post on (in)courage website:

Less, More, Enough


Blog: The Mom Creative

Author: Jessica Turner

(Guest) Post on (in)courage website:

The Power of a Phone Call


Blog: Holley Gerth

Author: Holley Gerth of DaySpring Cards and (in)courage co-founder


“Things Our Hearts Forget: You're Carried”

-- the end (for now) --

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Trials make you strong

Amazing story, eh?

What a true message-- "What doesn't kill you makes you STRONGER"! :)

Story behind my learning of this song: My mom showed it to me a literal 5 minutes ago today which is about 1 hour after I shared with her my issues that were making me upset. I find the music video of cancer patients putting up the fight of their life to be a great reminder of how we're all going through something on one level or another and true to the lyrics, if it doesn't kill us, it will make us STRONGER!

So whatever you may be going through, remember God is right there with you. Just reach out to him (in prayer), talk to Him like He's your friend. He's not scared by your honesty nor is He surprised by your thoughts. He knew you before you knew yourself (Jeremiah 1:5)! And He is more than capable of helping you to weather any storm, trial or circumstance that life can throw at you.

Watch the video, dear friends, and be encouraged! :)



Monday, May 7, 2012

A penny for your thoughts (for free)

What would YOU say to the world? 

Here's your chance!

Check it out:

For more information about this project, visit
And to get a professional radio station DJ's thoughts on it, visit

A true love story

Dear friends,

I found the sweetest, TRUE love story ever on one of my favorite wedding photography blogs (ever)! :)

And I simply HAD to share it with you! :)

Read it here:

"His 26th: Middle Parts, Blue Mascara & Our First Dance" by Katelyn James

Be inspired! God does answer your prayers and DREAMS do come TRUE! :)