Saturday, September 22, 2012

Don't GIVE up, LOOK up! :)

Encouragement for your heart

Today, I would like to share with you treasures of truth and encouragement for your daily living...

Listen to the story of a woman who survived 9/11 here - and learn more about Leslie on her website-

What's your story? We all have one. Listen to Christian singer/songwriter/author Matthew West and be inspired to share the "Story of Your Life".

Believe there is no God? Jeff Frankenstein is here to tell you in song and testimony, God is not dead; He is ALIVE and REAL. Experience this truth LIVE by buying your ticket for concerts by Jeff's band the "Newsboys".

May these messages of HOPE brighten your day, encourage your heart and bring a smile to your face! :)



Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A WORD for YOU :)

Have you ever heard a word that spoke to you? I mean a word that completely touched on EVERY SINGLE ONE of your issues that you've gone through or thoughts you've pondered lately? I just experienced that today when I watched "The Other Side of Victory" sermon by DeVon Franklin, Senior Vice President of Production for Columbia Pictures, author and preacher. A-mazing! Truly a God-appointment for me! And by "God-appointment" I mean I knew within the first 5 minutes of this Vimeo recording that THIS is the MESSAGE God wants me to hear for the season of life I'm experiencing at this time.

SO powerful is this preaching all based off a Bible passage (Matthew 9:27-33) and so diverse is DeVon's take on tying in practical reality with this Bible story of the two blind men who were healed by Jesus that I KNOW you will be BLESSED when you watch it!

So without further ado, this is for YOU! :)

Devon Franklin - The other side of Victory from Touré Roberts on Vimeo.