Sunday, December 15, 2013

31 Days of Prayer: When you are too tired to pray

Truth is, sometimes you're too tired to pray. Not sleepy, just TIRED because the day-to-day demands and disappointments of life have worn you down. Sometimes situations you face may take every ounce of your energy. Sooner or later in life most of us arrive at a point where we know what it's like to feel like you're tired of praying and tired of going to church when your situation does not seem to be getting better. And it's when we're in those trying times that we need to seek God with more diligence and passion than ever before because God will NEVER fail you and no matter what you're going through, He is right there with you! So when you feel like you're sinking in the ocean of life, call out to Jesus Christ and trust Him to save you from drowning.

Recently, I went to a Christmas concert. The weather that night was very cold and while there was no long line to wait in outside in the elements, there was a five minute journey you had to make from the parking lot into the warmth of the church building. As we in the crowd of concert-goers neared the front doors of the church, there was about a two-minute wait in a very short line which would not have been a problem in perfect warm or breezy weather. But that night, it was so cold that we who were waiting outside the doors were shivering and then laughing. We laughed because this little boy who was about two feet tall and very small spoke in a big voice accompanied by a very serious look on his face as he said, "Lord Jesus!" We all laughed because we figured he was probably echoing what he hears the older people in his family saying. I think we found it to be funny because he's just a child no older than two or three perhaps four years of age and as one of the bystanders said, already "He knows how to call on Jesus!"

Precisely my point, just like that little boy who called on Jesus to save him from being out in the cold, when we feel like we cannot go on or we're overwhelmed or becoming jaded about life, it is still important to call on Jesus. And not just to call on Jesus but to know that He's right there with us and even when we cannot see past our pain, God is working everything out for us (Romans 8:28) according to His good plans for our lives (Jeremiah 29:11).

Finally, I'd like to share this song that was performed by gospel artist Tamela Mann at the concert. It's called "Take Me to the King" and it's for the brokenhearted and discouraged. My prayer for you today is that this song will encourage you in your walk with the Lord. I pray you will trust God every step of the way and keep seeking Him even when you feel that you cannot continue going through whatever it is you're facing. Remember, God is with you and be encouraged.

Here's the song:

P.S._ After you've taken your situation to the King (God), remember to leave it there at His throne. Don't pick up your problems after you've presented it to God, leave it with Him and trust Him to take care of it. I think that's why often at the end of this song, Tamela sings lines from the hymn I Surrender All because part of going to God in prayer and trusting Him to work it out for you is surrendering your problems, issues and suggested solutions to God because only He knows how to take care of it for you in a way that will be the best. So take it to the King and leave it there! :)

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