Wednesday, December 4, 2013

31 Days of Prayer: A song from Scripture

Sometimes, all you need is a prayer.

A friend prayed with me today and I'm glad she did because it was a much needed reminder for me to stay close to God no matter what life brings me.

She reminded me of a song that I played a lot when I was in college. It's a beautiful song from the Bible book of Psalm, chapter 64. I've posted the song performed by Smokie Norful above this text. I hope you will listen to it and be spiritual refreshed.

Sometimes all it takes is a song about prayer and drawing close to God to usher you into the presence of the Eternal King. After finding this song on YouTube and playing it over and over, I can feel my worries subside and I can sense that everything will be okay even when I feel it is not. And I pray the same for you. I pray that God will enrich your life with His presence, fill your heart with His love, envelope your home with His peace and your life with his joy.

In closing, here's a picture and a prayer for you:

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