Monday, December 30, 2013

31 Days of Prayer: God listens

"God is the best listener. He listens to our hearts when our mouths can't find the words to say." ~ The Praying Woman

We're going to keep this short and sweet today.

Classic question, a key focus of this first series for my blog has been, "Why pray?" Today my answer to you is, "because God listens". Do you know why God listens to you every time you pray? The reason for God's undying attentiveness to you is because He loves you, He cares about you and He is concerned about your journey through this life.

God cares about every single detail in your life-- so huge that you feel too overwhelmed to ask Him for help and so small that you may think He doesn't want to hear you pray to Him about it. Never ever believe that lie because God is concerned about everything that affects you. God has promised to be Jehovah Jireh which means "God will provide".

Better yet, God hears the prayers of your heart. So when you're too sick, sad, tired and depressed to pray, God reads your heart and He answers the prayers of your heart. How awesome is that? There is a God who can not only hear you before you speak but answer you while you are yet still praying! Read Isaiah 65:24.

In closing, I'd like for you to listen to this song by gospel artist CeCe Winans. The song is called "He's Concerned" and you can view it here.

I encourage you to pray your own prayer tonight, from your heart. Even if you don't have words to say out loud, silently ask God to read your heart and show His concern and love for you then trust that He will in wonderful ways!

God bless you!

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