Friday, December 27, 2013

31 Days of Prayer: Because we need Jesus

You've heard the lines: "I don't need nobody!" or "I can do BAD all BY MYSELF!" or "Yeah, like you care!" Today, I want to address the common theme in all of those quotes and that is being broken. We as humans living in this broken world, are hurting and we ALL need Jesus Christ in our lives. 

No matter how bad, capable and independent we pride ourselves in being, deep inside our heart of hearts, there is a need not for another person but for the Lord Jesus Christ. I like how some ministers say, "We have a God-shaped hole in our hearts that only Jesus can fill." And it's true. Too often, we try to fill that hole with what we think we need be it comfort food, drugs, alcoholic beverages...and the list goes on. When all we really need is Jesus.

So why pray? Because WE NEED JESUS and prayer is our main line of communication with the Lord, a line that is open 24/7/365 and never fails.

Before we pray today, please follow this link to YouTube where you will hear the song, "People Need the Lord" as performed by Steve Green. Double-click your computer's mouse or method of selection over the underlined/highlighted title of the song in order to follow the link. 

Did you see the song? Beautiful message, right?

I love how a line to that song says how at the end of our broken dreams, God is the open door. Prayer is not a one-way street. It is a two-way conversation with God and once you grow as skilled at listening as you are at talking, God will reveal His plan and purpose for your life. He will open the door to your wildest dreams. Remember we can do ALL things through Jesus Christ (Philippians 4:13), including learning how to pray and listen to God as He talks to us. You may not hear an audible voice--
I think most people don't. But, God may talk to you by dropping a song into your spirit or a impressing a significant phrase or set of words into your mind that reveal exactly what you need to do. He may even speak through a family member, friend, or counselor giving them just the right words to say at the most opportune time for you.

God is awesome! Seek Him through prayer and Bible study and find out why! :)

Let's pray.

Dear God,
    Thank You for YOU! Lord, You are Awesome! Please help me to learn how to pray and listen to you. Please reveal to me Your plan and purpose for my life as I seek You daily in prayer and study Your Word, The Holy Bible. 
    I am grateful that when it seems like my dreams are as broken as this world, there is still HOPE because You can revive my broken dreams and open the right door at the right time for me to walk through. And when You do that, help me to give all the credit, glory, honor and praise to You. 
    Please help me to be more open to Your leading and when I cannot see through troubled and dark times or sense You near, help me to trust Your heart because Your love for me never fails and You've promised to never leave nor forsake me. May I remember that only You can bring me through tough times and bless me beyond my wildest dreams. Only You, dear God, know what's best for me and those I love. 
    As I endeavor to spend more time in prayer with You and be more faithful to You, please send people into my life who will strengthen my walk with You dear Lord. Help me to gain a blessing when from spending time with You alone and in church and help me to be a blessing to others. 
   In Jesus' Name I pray, 

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