Sunday, December 8, 2013

31 Days of Prayer: Pray for the lonely hearts

Okay, I will be transparent today only because I hope it will help somebody.

Relationships have been on the forefront of my mind and in my prayers. Not just for knowing who my true friends are but knowing how to know when I've met "The One" as in the man God made with me in mind. Why? Because as a creative soul I am a hopeFUL romantic (because it sounds so much better than hopeLESS). I've seen my share of romantic comedies, read my share of love stories and even wrote a book that contains characters who are hoping for something or someone. So sometimes as a single lady, I do wonder, How do I know when I've met Mr. Right? 

I think today we need to pray for relationships. Not just for those in relationships--dating, engaged or married--but people who are single. 

We live in a relationship-themed world and it's not for the faint of heart. People want to know who you are dating then they want to know when you're getting engaged then they want to know if you getting married and then they're asking you when are you having kids! Do you feel the pressure to conform to society's standards? Countless movies and music are laden with themes of finding your true love, meeting the person you're meant to marry, having a family of your own and growing old with your soul mate. Honestly, the older you get if you're still single, you may start to feel like something is wrong with you like seriously as in maybe you're meant to stay single. 

Well, in a world where romance and relationships are on the forefront of society's mind as evidenced through movies, magazines, music, culture and our social circles, it's such a breath of fresh air to hear someone like Christian recording artist Kari Jobe who's beautiful, fun, talented and serving God with all her heart (clearly nothing is wrong with Kari)'s refreshing to hear Kari talk about God's perfect timing for relationships. Today, Kari is in her 30's and she's still single but how she thinks about her singleness is so beautiful. Kari is trusting in God's timing and believes that when the time is right, she will meet and marry the man God made with her in mind.

Listen to what Kari has to say and continue to pray, trusting in God's perfect timing for your love story! :)

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