Friday, December 20, 2013

31 Days of Prayer: Popcorn prayer

Tonight, I want to write about a creative way to pray! It's called "popcorn prayer" and it works best in a group setting so you may want to try it with your family and friends from church.

So here's what happens: Gather with your friends and or family in one place. You can be sitting, standing or kneeling anywhere as long as you're in the same room. You need to be in the same room so you can hear each other because the way popcorn prayer works is everybody takes turns praying but in no particular order. The organizer of this prayer event will lead out in prayer asking you to close your eyes, bow your heads and listen to the leader initiate the prayer session by offering prayer on behalf of the group members to God. A short moment of silence may follow out of respect (you wait until the prayer is finished to speak) and then you or the person next to you or across the room can pray out loud and after that person prays, another person can speak up in prayer. Sometimes you can have everybody praying their individual prayers at once! So the effect is like making popcorn in the microwave because at first there's one or two kernels that you hear the popping sounds from within the bag and then you hear more and more popping sounds in random succession and you watch the bag grow bigger and bigger until you have a full bag of yummy popcorn ready to eat!

Popcorn prayer is a pretty cool concept, I'd say. I've participated in popcorn prayer during my days in youth group at church and at the Christian schools I attended and loved it.

Now I know we cannot do popcorn prayer in its traditional form over the Internet. BUT I would like to invite you to do your own version of popcorn prayer by leaving a prayer in the comment section of this blog post for someone you know or even a general prayer for those you do not know. And then, I encourage the next person who writes out a prayer in the comment section to pray for the person who wrote a comment before you. And before you know it, we should have like a (metaphorical) string of popcorn cascading down the page of this blog post! 
Pretty cool huh? Well it only works if you participate! So I hope that you will take a few minutes to try out this method of "popcorn prayer" on my blog! And if you don't have time now, then maybe later and if you're too shy to write out a prayer then I encourage you to try this out as mentioned above with your family and friends. You may like popcorn prayer! :)

God bless you!

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