Wednesday, December 18, 2013

31 Days of Prayer: Because God is worthy to be praised

Why should you not only pray to God but praise Him? Because He is worthy to be praised!

We're talking about the One who wakes you up each morning and starts you on your day (no, it's not your actual alarm clock that gets you out of bed, it's God deciding to give you another day to live). We're talking about the King of kings (yes, God is the Ultimate Boss), the Lord of lords (no authority supersedes God's sovereignty). We're talking about the Creator of the entire Universe who despite His busy schedule, still makes time for you! And not only does God make time for you each day, He invites you to worship and study His Word (The Holy Bible), spending time in devotion with Him each and every day. 

As you spend time with God, you will discover day by day just how wonderful He is and you will find yourself praising His Name. The heavenly angels praise God continually (Isaiah 6:3) because they know God is good. They realize how magnificent is His power, how boundless is His grace, how unconditional is His love for ALL of His creation. And yet here on Earth, we mere mortals so easily fall into the trap of going about our day and going into our rest at night without spending more than five minutes with God. 

A Christian minister once said sometimes we have a drive by relationship with God meaning, we wake up in the morning and go, "Hi God!" then as we rush out the door, we say, "Bye God!" And that is the extent of our communication with our Creator for that time. I can relate. I know what it's like to feel too rushed in the morning to spend time with God and then too tired at night to open the Bible, read a devotional book and spend time in praise and prayer with God, which is why I'm writing this post.

If you've fallen into the drive by devotional pattern like I have, today I encourage you to slow down, take time for God because He's always willing to make time for you. 

Dear God,
I pray for You to rebuke the spirit of rushing that settles in over our lives. Please lead us into spending more time with You. Heavenly Father, I ask you to reveal yourself to us in so many ways that not only to we feel compelled to praise You but we take our praise to another level by telling others about what You have done in our lives. Lord, I plead with You to give us faith that moves mountains--especially if that mountain is blocking us from spending time with You. Finally, I pray for all of Your children around the world--those who know You already and those who do not yet know You. My hope is that all of humankind will learn why You, dear God are worthy to be praised!

In Jesus' Name I pray,

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