Friday, May 31, 2019

Devotionals for the Heart: Life lessons learned from the devotion of a bulldog

Bulldog Devotion
A devotional by Kristy Horine

“Establish Your word to Your servant, who is devoted to fearing You.”
– Psalm 119:38 (NKJV)

I once had a friend named Reeca. She once had a friend named George.

George weighed seventy pounds and was nearly twenty inches tall. His nose smashed back into his face. Furrows of wrinkles rippled from there all the way back to his ears. His teeth were horribly crooked, yet his severe under bite gave him quite an endearing countenance. His bowed legs and curled, stumpy tail rounded out the extraordinary features of his breed.

Yes, George was a dog. Although George was a prime specimen of English Bulldog, he possessed an admirable trait that far outweighed his physical characteristics – this dog was devoted.

He was devoted to the idea that he was a lap dog, despite his size. Those who survived his antics received a towel to sop up the viscous liquid that continually dripped from his enormous jowls.

He was devoted to the complete and utter destruction of Reeca’s daughter’s bike. It didn’t matter if the bike was parked or in use, George was intent on annihilation of the conveyance.

He was devoted to anything that remotely resembled food. Even with his five square meals a day, he stood at the ready to cocoon morsels in his giant tongue and draw them into the nether regions of his cavernous mouth.

Sometimes, I wish that I were a dog. Maybe it would make my life a bit easier. You see, my devotion is there, just not all there at all times. I go back and forth between being close to Jesus and being close to me. The struggle to have a wholly devoted heart for my Savior is real.

What am I to do with a heart that wants to be all in, but struggles with constancy?

I turn to my Father (God) and I read verses like Psalm 119:33-38 (NKJV): “Teach me, O LORD, the way of Your statutes, and I shall keep it to the end. Give me understanding, and I shall keep Your law; Indeed, I shall observe it with my whole heart. Make me walk in the path of Your commandments, for I delight in it. Incline my heart to Your testimonies, and not to covetousness. Turn away my eyes from looking at worthless things, and revive me in Your way. Establish Your word to Your servant, who is devoted to fearing You.”

God is there to offer strength in my weakness and focus in my fractures. Notice the terms of responsibility in this passage.

The inside work comes from the Lord. 

Remember these key points:

· He teaches the way.

· He gives understanding.

· He moves my heart.

· He revives me.

· He establishes His word. 

Please note: The outside work comes from me.
Remember these key points too:

· I move my hands and my feet to serve.

· I dedicate time to the Lord.

· I obey.

My physical work is simply an outpouring of my gratitude for His transformative work in my heart, and the food for this journey is a heaping helping of holy words found in God’s Word (The Holy Bible).

My Prayer:
Oh, Dearest, Most Holy Father (God), You have used the foolish antics of a dog to keep me from being wise in my own eyes. I praise You for Your loving kindness in every day lessons. I plead like the Psalmist in Psalm 119:33-38. Work on my inside so it proves my devotion to You on the outside.

Author Bio:
Kristy Horine is a Kentucky writer, freelance journalist by trade and creative by God’s grace.

She writes a little bit of everything including poetry, fiction and creative non-fiction. Her professional and creative work has been published in newspapers, magazines and anthologies in Kentucky and beyond.

Kristy founded 3rd Letter Christian Writers in Lexington, Kentucky in 2015. Read more of her work at


  1. Kristy, what a beautiful devotional. I am so impressed with your work. You have truly been blessed from God.

  2. Wonderful truths, Kristy. Thanks for this reminder.

  3. Lovely devotional thoughts, Kristy.


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