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Book Boyfriends: Susan's hero

Interview with Lord Russell, hero of "A Match for Melissa" 
by Susan Karsten:

Susan: Dear Lord Russell, what events lead up to the moment you first appear in our story?

Lord Russell (LR): I’d been living a carousing life in London, up to no good. Then, disaster—my brother was killed, and I inherited the family title. On my way home, I was waylaid, robbed, and left for dead.

Susan: Oh my! On a happier note, what was it like when you first laid eyes on our fair heroine?

LR: She’s had to fill me in on our first moments together, because I was in and out of consciousness, and mistook her for an angel.

Susan: How romantic! When did you realize that Miss Melissa Southwood was a flesh and blood woman?

LR: Hours later when the lovely lady was nursing my injuries in a country parsonage guest room—door ajar, of course. Still angelic, but her soft, gentle hands on my brow were very real.

Susan: Has knowing Melissa changed your life?

LR: Yes, but first, God changed me. After the accident, I reached a moral rock-bottom. He used that to make me receptive to the Gospel. When I finally won Melissa, my world became all the richer because of her love.

Susan: Did the course of your love story run smooth?

LR: Not at all. By the time I recovered, and realized I was in want of a wife, Melissa was but a pleasant memory. When I returned to London, however, she was brought to my attention by a scrap of gossip.

Susan: Were you able to court her there in London?

LR: Unfortunately, by the time I threw my hat in the ring, my darling was practically promised to another man.

Susan: How then did you manage to secure her love and devotion?

LR: Through God’s providence, I was in the right place to assist Melissa at a crucial moment. My Aunt Lucy also aided my pursuit of true love. Melissa and I were meant to be.

Author Bio: 

Susan Karsten lives in a small Wisconsin town, is the wife of a real estate broker, mother of three, and grandmother of two. Her hobbies include fitness, quilting, and reading. 

Her love for writing developed while in college where she earned a BS degree in Home Economics (Apparel Design & Manufacturing), with a minor in Speech.

With child-rearing days at an end, Susan now invests time in fiction writing. With three contracted Regency historical romances, a humorous chapter book, and a cozy mystery complete, she is working on a Regency novella.

Blurb for Susan's book "A Match for Melissa": Soon after meeting Lord Russell under intriguing circumstances, while visiting in the country, Miss Melissa Southwood is ordered back to London by her father, a wealthy social-climbing merchant. 

Melissa must obey his wishes and begin a courtship with the suitor of his choosing. The chosen suitor, Lord Peter Winstead, is an impoverished aristocrat, and needs the Southwood fortune to restore his estate, but he is not an ogre. In fact, Winstead is good-looking and pleasant.

Melissa agrees to the plan, but extracts a promise from her father that she can have the final say whether to accept. As the courtship progresses, she begins to doubt the sincerity of Winstead’s faith. When she hints that she is leaning toward a refusal, Peter takes desperate measures.

Melissa must navigate these troubled waters alone … will she find her way to true love?

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  1. Oh, what a great book boyfriend!

  2. Lord Russell sounds like a man that knows what he wants. That is a great quality in a man! He plays not games!


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