Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Book Boyfriends: Mary's hero

Interview with Price, the hero from Sparks of Love by Mary L. Ball

Mary: What is it like living in Freedom, North Carolina?

Price: Freedom, is a small town where people seem to know everything about each other. It’s also a place where everyone comes together and helps in times of need.

Mary: The townsfolk didn’t appreciate Lynette Cunningham coming back home. How did you handle that?

Price: I turned the other cheek and left it to the Lord to sort. We all face situations where sometimes that’s the only thing any of us can do.

Mary: Price, Lynette is the black sheep in town. Weren’t you afraid people would talk about the local pastor dating a thief?

Price: People gossip, at times even Christians. I had to trust the Lord and pray that they would find compassion in their hearts.

Mary: Were you discouraged when you and Lynette found out that the one thing she hoped would clear her name failed?

Price:  Yes, but I told Lynette to forget the past and move on with her life.

Mary: Price, what made you fall in love with Lynette Cunningham?

Price: Despite her attempt to keep me at arm’s length, I discovered she was as pretty on the inside as she was on the outside, and had a generous heart. That’s when I knew she was the one lady for me.

Mary: How did it make you feel when Lynette told you she was leaving town?

Price:  I thought I’d lost my soul mate forever. Still, I had to go on and believe that somehow she’d realized she loved me as much as I loved her.

Mary: Why did you hide in the garage and attempt to capture a villain singled handed?

Price:  I may be a pastor, but I’m also a man in love. I wanted to protect the woman I love.

Author Bio: 

Mary L. Ball is a multi-published Christian author. 

She resides in the heart of North Carolina. 

When she isn't working on her latest story, she enjoys fishing, reading, and ministering in song with her husband at various functions. 

Book Blurb for Sparks of Love: Misjudged and accused, Lynette Cunningham walks away from God and everything she loves.

Ten years later, a phone call from father offers hope when he announces he may have a clue to the unsolved crime that forced her to run. She’s scared, but encouraged. Maybe this will clear her name from slander in her small North Carolina hometown. 

Before Lynette returns tragedy strikes. A fire destroys her childhood home and kills her father. While she sorts through the ruins and hopes to find the clue, Lynette meets the new pastor, Price Fletcher. She must face the two things that scare her most. The past and a man of God.

The past wants to stay buried. Will Lynette stay alive long enough to prove her innocence and accept the love that is offered?

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  1. I would absolutely date a pastor like Price (or any man) who would risk his own harm just to protect me. Sounds like just the right amount suspense!


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