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Fall into Love: Kristen Terrette's story

Labor, Delivery, and A First Look at Love

A Fall into Love story by Kristen Terrette

It was a hot summer evening in Georgia when I got a call (on a landline) saying my friend was in labor. We’d only just graduated high school, so this baby was a big deal, a first for my young friends and I. I arrived at the hospital with six friends to wait as long as needed to see the new baby girl arrive. We found ourselves sitting in uncomfortable, dated hospital chairs, watching the muted nightly newscast from a boxy TV attached to the wall in the corner. As if eighteen-year-old girls hanging out in a labor and delivery ward weren’t unique enough, a super cute handful of nineteen-year-old boys were sitting opposite us.

Most of us had yet to meet the buddies of the dad-to-be. They were from a different high school and had never been on our radar, but they sure were after that night. My friends and I chatted softly, excited about the baby and the hotties breathing the same air as us, though neither group made an effort to meet one another. We were all content to simply stare.

One of my friends, the only one to have met a few of the boys previously, told us the cutest of them was named…let’s call him Joel. I scoped out the herd, and located Joel in his faded red Georgia Bulldog hat and a white t-shirt. He was gloriously tanned which only amplified his light blue eyes. He was fit and lean like only an athlete could pull off well. One look had me agreeing with my friends. Joel was the cutest.

After a few hours, we’d lost count. My friends and I were standing by the big double doors leading to the elevators, preparing to leave. Joel, who I’d watched relentlessly, got up to from his chair and walked to the doors…towards us…towards me. I can still remember him glancing over his shoulder to tell his buds goodbye. When he swung his head back around, he was only a foot away, and his eyes caught mine, sealing the deal. It was love at first sight¾at least on my part. (Not really…but kind of.)

I’ll never forget the flush on my cheeks and how my mind replayed our brief eye contact over and over in slow motion. After he was long gone, my girlfriends kept talking about Joel. I was very confused and finally spoke up, telling them Joel had already left the hospital. My friends gave me raised eyebrows and creased foreheads cueing me in that I’d missed something. They told me Joel was still there and nodded to a guy who was cute, but definitely not my Joel, the guy who’d already left the hospital. When my friend realized the mistake I’d made, she told me the guy who’d left was named Ashley, not Joel.

It was an interesting name. One I would never forget. And God had a plan for our future.

A few weeks later, my girlfriend wanted to set me up with a guy who’d started working for her dad. I was very against any “set up” at first, but then she remembered a very important fact. She told me it was Ashley, the guy whose identity I’d mistaken at the lobby.

After I’d recovered and picked up my stomach from the floor, I agreed to meet him. Our brief meeting ended with him later getting my home phone number from my friend. He called that evening and asked me out on our first date the next day, a Friday. We ended up talking for a couple hours. Not only was he cute, but he was sweet and hilarious too. Our first date was followed by our second the very next day. After it, I came home and told my mom I was going to marry Ashley. And that I did.

This past summer we had a special anniversary. We had our first date when I was eighteen, and just had the eighteenth anniversary of that first date. The love of my life has now been with me for half of my life. And it’s only getting better. 

Author Bio: Kristen has a Master's degree in Theological Studies and was on staff as a Children's Ministry Director for over five years. She cherishes her Southern roots and currently lives forty-five minutes outside of Atlanta, GA. 

With the support of her husband and two children, she stays at home writing Christian fiction, making up fantasy places and characters, allowing God to take the story where He needs it to go. She is also involved in the women's leadership team at her church, and writes for Wholly Loved ministry at To see her blog and current novels, check out her website at

Book Blurb for Safe HarborEva Elliott is left with a jaded heart after the death of her boyfriend while she was pregnant. She pushed away the idea of God and love, focusing solely on her daughter, Willow. 

She accepts an offer from her mom to move to Moanna Island, off the coast of Georgia. She hopes the move will help her tuck away the guilt for the role she thinks she played in her boyfriend’s death.

Thad Smith’s Pro-Football career came to a crashing and embarrassing halt, sending him running to Moanna Island. He enjoys living under the radar and finds a new purpose as he dedicates his life back to Jesus, but he feels guilty for the sting of loneliness that’s crept into his seemingly full life.

When he saves Willow from drowning in the ocean the first day Eva arrives on the island, he can’t deny the electricity between them. Eva stubbornly fights the stirring in her heart the moment Thad smiles, but since Thad coaches the football team where Eva teaches and lives down the street, God continues to intertwine their lives. When he tells Eva he’s not only falling for her, but Willow as well, she thinks maybe…just maybe, it would work between them.

She doesn’t expect Thad’s ex to throw a kink in the fragile plan, nor for Thad’s relationship with God to convict her own shame and brokenness. Just when she opens the door to God, finally ready to make things right, an accident occurs that could leave Willow an orphan and Thad all alone again.

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  1. My safe harbor is Jesus! I know He is always there, and I am always safe with Him. Storms are hard to go through, but I would never want to be in a storm without Him. I am continually blessed and humbled that He would love and care about me - just like I am!! I am also blessed that He gave me my husband, who encourages me daily. This book looks interesting. I am not familiar with this author.

    1. How wonderful! Jesus Christ is always there for us. You are right! :) He is the best Safe Harbor. Thanks for visiting my blog!

    2. Agreed- He is the calmer AND maker of storms, so He can handle them. Thank you so much for sharing!

  2. I can be anywhere but the safe harbor is in my mind as I am reminded of Romans 8:28. We can know that all things work together for good for those who love God and are called according to His purpose. So as I am fearful for my friend's pain, and anxious about it, this verse brings comfort, as a safe harbor. Thank you, God.

  3. My safe harbor would be found in the place of worship, in His presence. There is something so incredibly sweee and freeing and comforting about being in His presence. There, not only is every need met but every fear is cast aside. My insecurities are no match for the grace my heart receives there in His presence. I’m always left longing for just a little more of Him.

    1. This is so good and true! I would say you mimic my words, because I feel so strongly about worship as well. I NEED it on a daily basis! Thank you for sharing!


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