Monday, October 2, 2017

Book Review: The Hollywood Commandments by DeVon Franklin

Author: DeVon Franklin
Book title: The Hollywood Commandments: A Spiritual Guide To Secular Success
Reviewed by: Alexis A. Goring

"The Hollywood Commandments: A Spiritual Guide To Secular Success" as a book title is intriguing. Upon opening the book, the reader will see that the content is completely captivating and equipped with the power to not only help you succeed in your chosen career but to change your outlook on life for the better.

The author, DeVon Franklin, is more than a bestselling author sharing good words of wisdom with people who are thirsty for success. He is a Hollywood movie producer, CEO of Franklin Entertainment (his own, faith-based production company), spiritual success coach, and preacher.

His goal in writing this book was to show people that they are able to be successful—not just in Hollywood but in any career—without losing their faith. He argues that succeeding in the secular arena is a journey that can strengthen your faith if you permit it. He challenges the stereotype among church folk that Hollywood is a land of sin and shame, a place where no good Christian should go for if you do then you may gain the world but you’ll lose your soul. Franklin challenges those stereotypes and deep-rooted belief systems with this one idea and that is, “your faith was designed to thrive in the secular world, and, as a result, transform it.” He argues, “You may never experience the true fulfillment you were created for until you pursue the secular ambitions on your heart.”

Franklin encourages the reader to follow their dreams but consult God first. He emphasizes the importance of staying in tune with God throughout the journey to your dreams because God knows you better than you know yourself. It is important to discern God’s will for your life and live out His plan and purpose whether that means going to Southern California and eventually getting your own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, or becoming the best you can be in a more traditional career. He emphasizes the point that this book is a guide to success in any career whether it’s in the spotlight or behind the scenes. He casts the net wide for his readership.

As a creative individual who always dreamed of a successful career in the Arts & Entertainment industry, this reader (me) was encouraged by valuable life lessons Franklin preached through his book. I say “preached” because reading this book in a sense was like going to church and listening to a really good sermon but without limitations. Unfortunately, sometimes well-meaning ministers in church limit people who are “out of the box” or don’t fit in. If you are one of those people who feel limited or “different” then “Chapter 8: Your Difference Is Your Destiny”, might be the part of this book that resonates most with you. Franklin writes on page 174, “People don’t like what’s different, and sometimes they criticize or ridicule people who insist on being different. It can be lonely. But even in the loneliness, you have to trust God and let your distinctiveness stand out. The moment you begin to exchange what makes you different for what makes you ordinary because you want to fit in, you give away that which God wants to use to elevate you and take you to somewhere extraordinary.” If this were an audible sermon, Franklin could “drop the mic” at the end of that sentence because ultimately that’s his core message.

The words in this book paint a rich and vivid picture of how Franklin made it from his humble beginnings in Oakland (located in Northern California) to the seat of his destiny in Hollywood (located in Southern California). His life story is inspiring, the content of this book is encouraging and the message is meaningful. The readers will appreciate the clear roadmap he shares that shows in great detail, how to navigate the workplace so that you can be a success without losing your faith. His tone is kind yet firm. His style is solid, uplifting and motivational. The editing is flawless and the author’s heart for helping people while pointing them to God is beautiful.

It’s admirable how the author made it clear that he is not the person to tell you how to live your life. While he supports everything in this book with solid evidence and Scripture, he also constantly reminds the reader to get right with God and trust Him to reveal His purpose for your life. The reader can infer that the author knows that no matter how successful he is in this life and no matter how many words of wisdom he has to share from his own life experience, there is someone higher up the ladder than he and that someone is God. The author makes it clear that only God can guide you to your destiny. He knows that this book, while some may say was inspired by God, is not the most authoritative source on how to live your life. He makes it clear that God’s Word (The Holy Bible) is the best guide to your destiny and to succeed in life you must know the Bible and its Author (God, whose Holy Spirit inspired people to write it).

Kudos to the author for allowing his light as a follower of Jesus Christ to not only shine brightly in Hollywood, but through this book, impact the world. His transparent message will resonate with readers and encourage people to seek God’s plan and purpose for their life story.

It’s truly a beautiful message that deserves a five-star rating and a top place on your to-be-read book pile!

* I (Alexis A. Goring), voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book that I received from the author’s publicist. My opinions are my own.

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