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Book Review: Waiting for Wonder by Marlo Schalesky

Waiting on the Lord is Worth It
A book review by Alexis A. Goring

Waiting for Wonder: Learning to Live on God’s Timeline, written by Marlo Schalesky, is a delightful read. 

Schalesky illustrates her points with the Bible story of Sarah and Abraham. The author uncovers what she believes are the behind-the-scenes details about their faith journey concerning God’s promise to give them a son.

The author stresses the importance of the process that God puts us through as we’re waiting. A key quote about this is found on page 152. It reads, “The baby was not the answer to their hurts and flaws, disappointments, despair. He did not make Sarah into the person she was meant to be. It is the journey that did that. It was the God of the wait. It was the God who worked in the wait.”

What a powerful point! See, Waiting for Wonder, is not simply a story about waiting to have a child. It’s about waiting to trust that God’s promises will come true because Sarah was an old woman, way past her childbearing years. So it was highly unlikely by human standards that Sarah would be able to conceive and birth a baby. But throughout this book, Schalesky reminds the reader that God’s ways are not our ways and His thoughts are above our own. He sees the complete picture and knows how to fulfill His promises to us as He works out the details.

Between telling the story about Abraham and Sarah’s faith journey, the author weaves in a few personal stories from her own life. These stories are relatable, especially to mothers of young children. Each story presents a problem and then shows how God can work out a solution and provide hope to any situation, no matter how hopeless it looks from our finite viewpoint.

As a reader, I got the impression that the author of this book wants to encourage the heart of her readers to embrace the wait and trust God’s perfect timing because He has good plans for us. The author also seeks to remind the reader that the only thing God cannot do is fail. So it is safe to trust Him and believe in His promises because He can do anything!

I think that the closing point from this book is summarized quite clearly in this quote from page 192: “The wait is hard. Sometimes it seemed hopeless. But they waited well. And their faith, their wait, changed the world.”

As a reader, I was inspired and encouraged to wait on the Lord for every desire of my heart. I was reminded of the fact that a steadfast faith in God and patience in waiting for His promises to come true can change my life and the world, for the better.

This book is very deserving of a four-star rating!

*I, Alexis A. Goring, voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book for Litfuse Publicity Group.

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