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A Prelude to Christmas: Susan's story about marrying a Texan

Welcome Susan Page Davis to the blog today! She's the author of "For Love or Money", which is part of the Seven Brides for Seven Texans Romance Collection. Susan joins us today to talk about her novella and give away a copy too! Here's the cover of Susan's book:

Here's the blurb for "For Love or Money": 
Burned out of their house, Jane and her family move into a cave, where she discovers some hidden money. Crockett Hart comes to help them rebuild, and she asks for his help. When he learns where the money came from, he hopes it won’t keep their two families apart, because he’s falling for Jane. 

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Enjoy my interview with Susan!
Interview with Susan Page Davis, author of "For Love or Money"story within the Seven Brides for Seven Texans Romance Collection:

Alexis: Congrats on your writing a story for the collection of stories titled, “Seven Brides for Seven Texans Romance Collection: The Hart Brothers Must Marry or Lose Their Inheritance in 7 Historical Novellas”! Let’s talk about it.
How were you selected to write for this historical novella collection? What were your first thoughts when selected? Did dreaming up your story for this collection come easy? Explain.

Susan: I was invited by the author who spearheaded the project. I was very pleased that she had asked me. We already had the basic premise for the stories, and it wasn’t hard at all to come up with a ranching story. Mine opens with the hero spotting smoke from his neighbors’ burning house.

Alexis: Your story’s title “For Love or Money” is intriguing! What can you tell us about the plot?

Susan: The heroine’s family’s house burns, and they take refuge in a cave on their property, where she discovers a cache of money. She doesn’t want to ask her ne’er-do-well father about it, so she asks the hero, whose brother is a Texas Ranger. From there, things just escalate.

Alexis: Who is the hero in your story? Describe his looks, personality and heart.

Susan: Davy Crockett Hart, known as “Crockett,” is fifth of the seven brothers. At age 28, he’s a good rancher but also a bit at loose ends. He’s six feet tall, a bit lanky, and has the Hart dark hair and brown eyes. He feels a bit overshadowed by his older brothers and the heroes they all represent. He’s not sure he can ever meet his father’s expectations. He wants to stand out somehow and to make his pa proud. Though he doesn’t think about it much, his desire to stand out leads him to choose bright clothing and a flashy tobiano pinto horse. His drive to excel pushes him and makes him very competitive. 

Alexis: Who is the heroine in your story? Describe her passion, hopes and role.

Susan: Jane Haymaker is three years younger than Crockett. She’s from a very poor family, thanks to her father’s shiftlessness and drinking habit. She’s not married because no man in the county would want to be Boyd Haymaker’s son-in-law. She’s an extremely hard worker on the ranch and looks out for her young brother, Ben, and their widowed father. She wishes she and Ben could escape their father and all the trouble he causes, but she doesn’t know how they could make it away from the ranch. In an ideal world, her brother would go off to college and Jane would marry a nice, diligent young man. But Jane’s world is far from ideal.

Alexis: What is it about the heroine that makes the hero fall in love with her?

Susan: He remembers Jane as a schoolgirl and knows she was smart and likable back then, before her mother died and her father became a drunk. He sees how hard she works and how she holds what’s left of her family together, and he admires her fierce loyalty and determination.

Alexis: What is it about the hero that makes the heroine’s heart skip beats?

Susan: She is surprised that he takes so much trouble to help her and her family. She likes his sincerity, his hard work, and his dependability. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that he’s nice looking and treats her better than anyone ever has before!

Alexis: The hero in your story loves his freedom and independence. How does that affect his love life?

Susan: Crockett doesn’t like it when his father tells him and his brothers they must marry by Christmas to inherit their shares of the ranch. He even considers ignoring his father’s wishes and striking out on his own. Then he rushes to Jane Haymaker’s aid, and everything changes. More than anything, Crockett wants Jane to have a secure, safe home. Maybe providing that will also please his father.

Alexis: What is the core conflict in your story, “For Love or Money”?

Susan: That turns out to be Jane’s father, and his attitude and drinking problem. When he attacks Jane’s brother and Crockett comes to Ben’s aid, everything changes.

Alexis: Describe the role of the hero’s father, patriarch of the Hart family, George Washington Hart. How does his strong will affect his son?

Susan: George is a very strong, opinionated, dominating figure. His sons love him, but they don’t always agree with his decisions. All of them at one time or another chafe against his authority, but they’ve stuck around. George has also taught them an exacting work ethic and a sense of justice.

Alexis: Describe the setting for your story. Why did you choose it?

Susan: The novellas are all set on or near a ranch in a fictional Texas town, in keeping with the theme of the collection, Seven Brides for Seven Texans.

Alexis: What is it about this book that you want your readers to remember the most?

Susan: This story is about trust and compassion. Crockett leads his community in showing compassion to a family that has been shunned, and Jane learns to trust in the people who have ignored her for a long time. That’s a model all of us should follow.

Alexis: Thanks for the interview! Would you like to share any closing thoughts?

Susan: Merry Christmas to everyone! Enjoy your family.

Author bio: Susan Page Davis is the author of more than 60 novels and novellas in the historical romance, mystery, and suspense genres.

She is the mother of six and grandmother of ten. A Maine native, she now lives in western Kentucky with her husband Jim.


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