Thursday, December 24, 2015

Thankful Thursday: God Loves You

It's Thursday and I'm thankful that God loves you!

He loves me too. He loves ALL of his creation which means the flowers of the field, animals, lakes, beaches, the ENTIRE Universe, really!

The song "You Are For Me" by Kari Jobe is a beautiful reminder of the fact that not only is God for you, but He loves you AND is for you! Meaning when no one else is there to support or encourage you, God is on standby just waiting for you to call upon Him. I think that too often we "go to the phone" before we "go to the throne" which means we're quick to go to mere mortals to share our burdens instead of going to God who is Lord over all.  

Lately, I've realized how important it is to talk about my issues and concerns with GOD first, not family, friends, counselors, pastors or prayer warriors. Songs like "You Are For Me" remind me how important it is to trust God in every area of your life and to take your problems and praises to Him.

I love resting on the fact that God's got my back. I love being able to trust Him to direct the story of my life. He's my Best Friend, Redeemer and Savior. Each and every day is a new adventure with God. I love spending time reading His Word (The Holy Bible) and listening to songs by musicians like Kari Jobe who have a heart for Him.

I hope and pray that you will enjoy this holiday season.

May God bless you with His presence and His peace. *Philippians 4:7*



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