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25 Days of Christmas Stories: Starlight in Her Eyes

JoAnn Durgin visits the blog today to share wonderful details about her new holiday story, Starlight in Her Eyes! Not only is JoAnn sharing an excerpt from her book, she's hosting a "holiday surprise" book giveaway contest! All the details are a surprise so all I can tell you is to enter the contest by filling out the Rafflecopter widget below and wish for the best! 

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Since its release on Dec. 1, JoAnn's book Starlight in Her Eyes is already #3 on the Hot New Release list for Contemporary Christian Romance! Best wishes for you as you enter this contest to win a copy of it because you may truly enjoy reading this book. 

While you're waiting to find out if you won, continue to read this blog post. We have much in store for you, including an excerpt from JoAnn's book! 

Back cover copy blurb of Starlight in Her Eyes:

Colin Young embraces the Christmas season as the new television co-host of Wake Up, Philadelphia! His fun and spontaneous “Out and About” segments in the City of Brotherly Love are a ratings winner. Only one problem—the beautiful but intriguing assistant assigned to help make his transition easier doesn’t seem to like him much.

Serena Monroe has no time for the cheeky Brit with a glowing professional reputation but a lengthy personal history with women. Betrayed by one high-profile man, she doesn’t need another. Her sole focus is her daughter, Lily. But then Serena begins to see that Colin is nothing like she assumed. He’s a man of faith who inspires everyone around him. Dare she take a chance on love again?

When Colin invites Serena and Lily to share Christmas with him in the little town of Starlight, Iowa, can they discover a holiday miracle of their own?

Excerpt from the first chapter of Starlight in Her Eyes:

Colin Young tugged off his glove and punched a quick succession of numbers on the keypad. “Please let that be right.” He hoped his memory hadn’t gone numb along with his fingers in the near-freezing temperatures. When he heard the telltale click on the door and spied the flashing green light, he cracked a grin. “We have liftoff. Good morning, Philadelphia!”

After pulling open the heavy steel door, he stepped inside the building, bringing with him the sound of jingle bells as well as a mini-squall of wet snow. Shivering in his wool overcoat, he brushed flurries from the sleeves and stamped his feet on the floor mat. “Brrr! Why does it have to be so cold…?” He stopped as he spied a pair of shapely ankles showcased in deep red, high-heeled shoes.

“You’re late.” Serena Monroe approached him with a pointed glance at her watch. Ah yes, the senior producer’s ever-dutiful assistant aka his personal watchdog. As usual, the frown line between her brows surfaced. She’d perfected the look, but in her early thirties or thereabouts—near to his age—she should be careful, or that line might become permanently embedded. Her chestnut-colored hair was twisted in a bun at the back of her head, making it difficult to tell how far down those tresses reached, although he suspected halfway to her trim waist. As always, Serena wore her trendy but somewhat masculine eyeglasses, and her lips were set in a firm line. Rosy red lips, but that was neither here nor there.

“I beg to differ, love. I wasn’t on time, and there’s a difference.” Colin graced her with his most charming smile as he shrugged out of his overcoat. “Not to mention I have a legitimate reason which even you might find sentimental.”

“I doubt it.” No-Nonsense Serena took his coat and handed it off to one of the interns who always seemed to be lurking about the premises. Her gaze skimmed over his designer shirt and jeans before she cast a wary glance at his feet. “Please don’t tell me you’re wearing jingle bells on your shoes.”

“Fine, then. I’ll show you.” He hiked the bottom of his jeans and lifted a red high-top sneaker. “Notice the reindeer nose on the laces. Pitiful or not, it’s my attempt to infuse a bit of festiveness into my new place of employment. I’ll have you know my choice of footwear generated smiles and holiday greetings during my morning walk from the apartment to the station.” Jingle jingle. “’Tis the season and all that.”

“You’re a novelty,” Serena said. “I’m sure they don’t know what to make of you.”

“Yes, well, I’m more of the ‘God bless us, everyone!’ mentality than ‘Bah! Humbug!’ If any unseemly types are roaming the streets, I’d rather they love me before they shove me, and hug me before they mug me.”

Serena shook her head and resumed walking down the hallway. Colin chuckled.

Book Review of Starlight in Her Eyes

As warm and satisfying as a mug of hot cocoa complete with whipped cream, Starlight in Her Eyes, wraps the reader in rich layers of hope, forgiveness, and love.

Colin is an old friend, since I’d been introduced to him in Ms. Durgin’s Sleigh Ride Together With You, and it was fun to meet him again in a new setting—and with a new attitude. Now a man of faith, Colin is still irrepressible and cheeky, as well as being tall, blond, and British. And deliciously handsome.

When he decides to try to break through his gorgeous assistant’s frosty demeanor, he finds a treasure. Serena is so much more than he’d expected, and her little Lily-Love steals Colin’s heart (and mine) without even trying.

This Christmas-themed romance hits all the right notes, with a soul-satisfying ending. I loved Starlight in Her Eyes, and give it a five-star rating. Highly recommended. 

~Written by Kathleen Friesen, author and book reviewer

Author bio: 
JoAnn Durgin is the author of the beloved Lewis Legacy Series of contemporary Christian romantic adventures: AwakeningSecond Time AroundTwin HeartsDaydreamsMoonbeams, and Enchantment, as well as Prelude which is the prequel to The Lewis Legacy Series. 

JoAnn’s stand-alone novels include Catching Serenity and Heart’s Design. Her novellas and short novels include Love So Amazing (The Wondrous Love Series, Book 1), Perchance to Dream, Echoes of Edinburgh, and the popular Starlight Christmas Series: Meet Me Under the Mistletoe, Starlight, Star Bright, Sleigh Ride Together with You, and Starlight in Her Eyes.

A former estate administration paralegal, JoAnn now enjoys writing full-time and lives with her husband, Jim, three children and first grandbaby, Amelia Grace, in her native southern Indiana.

JoAnn loves to hear from her readers. Connect with JoAnn
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  2. A small town setting, a fast pace, a few twists and turns


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