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25 Days of Christmas Stories: Mall Madness, a devotional written by Margaret Brownley

Welcome Margaret Brownley to the blog today! She's the author of "The Nutcracker Bride" which is a novella within the holiday story collection titled, "The 12 Brides of Christmas"! Here's the cover photo of Margaret's story:

More info about "The Nutcracker Bride" is found toward the end of this blog post. But first, I have a question to ask you: What does shopping at the mall this time of year have to do with Christmas? 

More than you think! Find out the answers to your questions in Margaret's devotional called "Mall Madness" which she's here to share with you today.

Happy reading! :)

Mall Madness

A devotional written by Margaret Brownley

                                                        "In thy light shall we see light."
                                                                     ~Psalm 36:9 KJV

As soon as we turned into the parking lot I knew we were crazy. It was two weeks before Christmas and I still had shopping to do, but to agree to go to the largest shopping mall for miles—on a Saturday—was sheer madness.

I turned to my friend Connie. “Are you sure you still want to go through with this?”

Connie, who has spotted a parking space, looked like she’d just won the lottery. Obviously, she wasn’t thinking clearly. “It’ll be okay,” she said with a bright smile.

As predicted the stores were mobbed. “Jingle Bell Rock” blared from hidden speakers and irritable mothers scolded cranky toddlers. I was ready to quit before we’d begun.

“What does any of this have to do with Christmas?” I cried out in dismay.

“Everything!” Connie replied, much to my surprise. “This is exactly how it was on that first Christmas in Bethlehem.”

For a moment I was taken aback. I’d always envisioned that first Christmas as the serene, peaceful one pictured on Christmas cards. But, of course, it hadn’t been like that at all. One can well imagine the mood that must have prevailed among travelers who, after traveling long distances, had to fight crowds and face the lack of accommodations just to take part in a nose count!

Yet, it was in this mall-like atmosphere that God chose to present his most precious gift to the world. It was in this unlikely setting that the Christ child was born. With this thought in mind I was amazed at the treasures we discovered during the remainder of the day.

We saw a stranger step forward to help a young girl whose money didn’t cover the cost of her mother’s gift. We heard a boy in a wheelchair ask Santa to bring a puppy for his sister. We smiled at two loves who stood gazing at diamond rings and spinning dreams for the future.

Connie was right. That mall had everything to do with Christmas.

Lord, forgive my blindness. Help me to open my eyes so I can look beyond crowded malls and into the Kingdom of God. Amen.

Author bio:
Best-selling author Margaret Brownley has penned nearly forty novels and novellas. Her books have won numerous awards, including Readers' Choice and Award of Excellence. 

She's a former Romance Writers of America RITA Award finalist and has written for a television soap opera. 

She is currently working on a new series. Not bad for someone who flunked eighth grade English. Just don't ask her to diagram a sentence.

Book blurb for "The Nutcracker Bride": It was just his luck to have a run-in with a trigger-happy damsel." 
While Lucy Langdon is gathering nuts a handsome stranger throws a mysterious bag into her wagon. She later discovers it's full of money. Now Texas Ranger Chad Prescott is determined to recover the bag he left in her wagon for safe-keeping. Thinking he's a prowler, Lucy accidentally shoots him and now has to nurse him back to health. Waking up in a house full of German nutcrackers is rather disconcerting for this lawman, but not as troublesome as falling for the annoying yet ultimately intriguing lady baker.

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