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Devotionals for the Heart: How to let your light shine for Jesus Christ

Let Your Light Shine
A devotional by Angela Anderson

“Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.” –Matthew 5:16 (NKJV)

It was a Friday morning at the airport, and I was on my way to see a friend for a weekend getaway. I was so excited because it had been almost a year since the last time we saw each other. I had to dress in layers because I was heading into a much cooler climate, so I boarded the plane in a sweatsuit, wearing a T-shirt underneath, and carrying a winter coat.

When I sat in my window seat on the plane, a lady took her seat next to me, and then a gentleman sat down next to her, closest to the aisle. As the other passengers began to board the plane, I started getting a little warm. I became so uncomfortable that I removed my sweatshirt and remained in my T-shirt.

As the plane left the runway, the lady next to me started chatting with the man next to her. She then turned to me, and we exchanged a few friendly words. As she spoke, I could not help but notice the book on her tray. It was a survival guide for someone with breast cancer. She turned her attention back to the book and continued turning the pages, intently reading each paragraph.

I wanted to say something caring or even encouraging, but I could not find the words. I started to silently pray for the lady next to me, and I asked God to give me the words to say to her. She continued reading the book, only looking up when the flight attendant asked her if she wanted a snack or a drink.

The pilot made the announcement to fasten our seatbelts for landing. The flight went by so quickly and I still was not prepared with any words of spiritual wisdom for the lady next to me. I was a little disappointed as the plane approached the gate and the passengers began to gather their belongings. As I watched each person leave the plane, I remained in my seat.

The lady next to me got up and started to walk away. As she turned to say goodbye to me, she told me that really liked my T-Shirt. I looked down to see what she liked about it, and I realized I was wearing my black T-Shirt with the word “faith” written on the front. I thanked her with a smile and told her to take care as she exited the plane.

Sometimes when we think that words of encouragement will help a situation, the best thing we can do is be silent and allow our light to shine in someone’s life. That may mean showing others the love of Christ through our actions, our demeanor, our tone, or even by a simple message written on our shirt. We should always be willing to reach out to others and pray for those who are going through hard times. When we are willing to let our light shine, God can use us to impact even strangers, if we make ourselves available to Him.

Let’s Pray: 
Dear God, Please give us opportunities in life to let our light shine, not for our own glory, but so that we may point others to You and that they may give You glory. We thank You for Your love. We worship You for Your kindness and compassion. In Jesus’s Name I pray. Amen.

Song of Reflection:
“Hold Up the Light” by The New Jersey Mass Choir. Listen to it here.

Author Bio:

Angela Anderson was born in Brooklyn, NY, and raised in NJ. She found her love for writing when she was in elementary school. She continued writing through high school, college, and into adulthood.

Angela is the author of a devotional book titled, Just When I Thought I Knew God, and a children's book that is not yet published.

In 2021, Angela started writing articles for an online magazine called Christian Women Living, where she focuses on writing messages for mothers and sharing advice on parenting. In addition to this, Angela wrote a devotional that is featured in a book published by Proverbs 31 Ministries. The book title is Hope When Your Heart is Heavy.

Angela has a passion for inspiring and impacting others through her writing as well as speaking. She is the co-founder of Anchor Moms, a ministry to cure loneliness in Motherhood. Currently, this ministry meets via a group on Facebook.

Angela has been married to the love of her life, Duane Anderson, for 17 years. Together, they have two sons: Thomas (age 9) and Ryan (age 4). Angela’s favorite pastime is journaling, and she also enjoys spending quality time with her family. Her personal mission is to empower others to achieve their goals and dreams.

Connect with Angela:
Facebook fan page for her devotional book, Just When I Thought I Knew God:

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