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Falling for Books: Jenna's book

Excerpt from Chapter 9 of Rekindled by Jenna Brandt:

Playfully, she slapped him on the side of the arm. “Hey now, you’re supposed to be charming while you’re trying to win me back.”

The smile vanished from his face as he stared deep into her emerald eyes. “Is that what’s going on? Am I winning you back?”

Molly pressed her lips together and he could feel the tension in her body. “Yes,” she whispered barely loud enough for him to hear.

That one word made Spencer’s heart fill with joy. He had dreamed of this moment for years, but never thought it would actually come to be. Molly Price was in his arms telling him they had a second chance.

“You don’t know how happy hearing that makes me,” Spencer said, just as the song ended.

Everyone on the dance floor stopped and clapped as the lead singer of the band spoke between songs.

“I want to thank Spencer and the rest of the Boys and Girls Club board for inviting us here tonight to play a few songs for you. When I was a kid, there wasn’t a lot of safe things to do around Bayfield, so I appreciate the time and work of the dedicated volunteers who are making a place where kids can feel safe while having fun. This next song, Only You, is going out to Molly from Spencer.”

Molly’s eyes darted to Spencer as she gasped. “I can’t believe you did this.”

“It’s your favorite song, right? I still remember the first time you played it for me out by the lake. It’s one of my best memories.”

Tears formed in the corner of her eyes as he gathered her into his arms.

She shook her head and said with amazement, “Thank you so much. I feel so special.”

“Then all of this was worth it. The regular band will be playing the rest of the evening, but I’m friends with the drummer of Blindsided, so I asked them to come do this for you.”

“I’m starting to see you’ve really changed. The old Spencer never would have gone to all this trouble, let alone make a public proclamation that he cared enough to dedicate a song to me.”

“I really have changed, Molly, and I’m glad you’re starting to see that.”

Spencer spun Molly around the floor, loving the feeling of her in his arms. Several times, he wanted to lean in and kiss her, but he wondered if she would be upset if he did it front of everyone.

The night was wrapping up and the last song was playing. Molly shifted her hand from his shoulder to the front of his chest. Her eyes locked with his, and the intensity pushed all rational thought out of his mind. He didn’t care who was watching or how anyone would react, he was going to kiss Molly Price.

His face started to move towards hers, but just as their lips were about to touch, Tiffany’s obnoxious voice said from behind them, “Oh gross, tell me you’re not about to kiss her, Spencer.”

Molly jerked back and the moment was ruined. He was halfway tempted to turn around and yell at Tiffany, but decided against it. He didn’t want to make a spectacle during the event.

Instead, he irritably faced her and asked, “What do you want, Tiffany?”

“I want you to dance with me, for old time’s sake,” she said, reaching out and placing her hand on his arm. “We used to dance really good together, don’t you remember that Spencer?”

His stomach turned at the innuendo in Tiffany’s statement. Why couldn’t she take ‘no’ for an answer? “When are you going to realize I’m not interested in being with you, Tiffany?”

“Don’t say that,” she snapped. “I know you don’t mean it.”

Molly reached out and removed Tiffany’s hand from Spencer. “He said he isn’t interested, which means you’re wasting your time. Why don’t you do us all a favor, and leave us alone.”

Spencer was surprised to see Molly standing up to Tiffany for the first time. It appeared he wasn’t the only one who had changed.

“What are you going to do? Make me?” Tiffany challenged Molly.

“No, I don’t resort to childish tactics to get my way,” Molly stated through narrowed eyes. “You should grow up and back off. Learn the lesson you don’t always get your way.”

Tiffany placed her hands on her hips as she glared at Molly. “You’re just so smug, aren’t you? Just remember, Spencer isn’t great at being faithful. Good luck with that,” she said, before turning around and storming off.

Spencer was worried Tiffany’s words would cause Molly to put distance between them and undo all the progress they had made towards reconciling.

“Tell me she didn’t get to you,” Spencer pleaded.

“She didn’t,” Molly stated, shaking her head. “I know who you are, Spencer Conrad, and I don’t care what anyone else thinks.”

Her vote of confidence made Spencer’s heart swell with pride. Wanting to be alone with her, Spencer asked, “You ready to get out of here?”

She nodded as he took her hand and guided her to the coat check to grab their jackets along with Spencer’s umbrella. As they stepped outside, small drops of rain sprinkled down. Spencer pulled out his umbrella and put it over their heads. They rushed towards his car, but before he opened the door, he turned to her and said, “I’m proud of you for what you did in there. You standing up to Tiffany has been a long time coming.”

“Agreed,” Molly said. “You did it last time at the reunion, but I don’t want to hide behind you. She needs to know she doesn’t scare me anymore.”

“It was really attractive when you took her hand and flicked it off me,” he said, moving even closer to her. “I like it when you’re possessive over me.”

“Good, I plan to be that way from now on.”

“You won’t hear me complain,” he whispered as he stared at her. “You know, when I look into your eyes, it’s like coming home.”

Unable to resist any longer, Spencer closed the remaining distance between them. Molly placed her hand on his chest, then he placed his own over hers. “Can I kiss you?” he asked hesitantly.

She whispered, “Yes,” just before his lips touched hers. The kiss was tender, and the sound of the raindrops hitting the umbrella and sliding down and around them made the moment perfect.

As Spencer helped Molly into the car, he realized he was done for. Molly Price was the only woman he had ever, and would ever, love.

Author Bio:

Jenna Brandt is an international bestselling author who writes Christian historical and contemporary romance. Her historical books span from Victorian to Western to WWI eras and all her books have elements of romance, suspense, and faith. 

Her debut series, the Window to the Heart Saga, along with her multi-author series, The Lawkeepers and Match Made in Heaven Series, have become international bestsellers as well as garnered praise and love from readers.

She has been an avid reader since she could hold a book and started writing stories almost as early. She has been published in several newspapers as well as edited for multiple papers. She graduated with her Bachelor of Arts in English from Bethany College and was the Editor-in-Chief of the newspaper while there. Her first blog was published on Yahoo Parenting and The Grief Toolbox as well as featured on the ABC News, CNN Health, and Good Morning America websites. She is a contributor and curator for the website, Novel PASTimes, and a member of American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW).

Writing is her passion, but she also enjoys cooking, watching movies, reading, engaging in social media and spending time with her three young daughters and husband where they live in the Central Valley of California. She is also active in her local church where she volunteers on their first impressions team, in the crisis care ministry as well as writes for the church’s creative team.

To find out more about Jenna, to sign-up for her newsletter, or to purchase her books, visit her website at

Book Blurb for Rekindled:

Sometimes, God gives you a second chance because you’re not ready the first time.

Spencer Conrad was the high school quarterback and Molly Price was his school-assigned English tutor. What started out as a forced arrangement turned into a secret romantic connection which ends horribly wrong.

Ten years later, Molly returns home with a college degree, established journalism career, and a hot, new boyfriend. She wants to show everyone-especially Spencer-what a great life she has made for herself. Her 10-year high school reunion is the perfect place to do it. Molly also has a secret agenda. Set on revenge, she's determined to prove Spencer is guilty of underhanded deals with the local district attorney rather than believe he has turned over a new leaf. But as Molly investigates, she’s shocked to find that Spencer isn’t what she remembered. He’s not the cocky (secretly scared) jock she once knew, he’s now a noble defense attorney, a volunteer at the local boys’ and girls’ club, and a deacon in the church.

When she runs into him at the local library, Spencer apologizes for what he did back in high school and tells Molly he would like to treat her to coffee to catch up. Worried his smoldering blue eyes and perfect dimples can still make her weak in the knees, she suggests a double date to keep him at arm’s length. Can she forgive what he did to her when they were young? Will he stand up to the people who used to bully her, and finally set the record straight? And will they both realize that the chemistry between them when they were kids still lingers just below the surface, ready to break free and be stronger than ever before?

Second Chance with You is a series written by a group of sweet, clean romance authors connected by the idea that past loves, broken apart for a myriad of reasons, can be brought back together—some by chance, some by circumstance, some by choice.

Rekindled is part of the Second Chance with You Series. All books in this series are standalone and can be read in any order.

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