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Cozy Christmas Reads: Delia's story

Prologue for A Christmas Beau by Delia Latham

Christmas, twenty-two months ago

This Christmas gathering in the Knowles’ home provided the perfect venue for Katie’s sister to introduce her new fiancé and for them to welcome him into the family. Christmas was always a big deal in their family, and Belle’s engagement made this one even more memorable. Watching her sister show off her ring, Katie grinned. Belle glowed brighter than any of the Christmas lights scattered in a glorious display across their mother’s living room—and she deserved that glow. She also deserved a great guy like Nick Santini. Handsome. Rich. Italian gorgeous.
But despite the excitement of her older sister—and best friend—getting engaged, and the pleasure of meeting her future brother-in-law, Katie’s gaze drifted across the room again and again. Kicked back in her mother’s recliner, Cameron Hilliard’s face was lit by a broad smile. Owner of the Hilliard Agency, and her sister’s boss and dear friend, Cameron set Katie’s heartbeat to a racing rhythm.
She’d met him five years ago. Barely nineteen, she’d made the ninety-minute drive to Pohono on her own to visit Belle. They’d made a special trip to the agency so Katie could meet her sister’s co-workers on Belle’s day off.
That’s all it took. One look into those gentle eyes—blue as the purest sapphire—that sweet face and shy smile, and Katie’s heart was lost to Cam Hilliard forever.
A man eight years her senior. A man who thought of her—if he thought of her at all—as nothing more than his prize employee’s little sister.
The only man in the world for Katie…and that meant she had to make him see her as the woman she’d become in the years since they’d met.
Starting right now.
She turned from the little crowd of family and friends gathered around Nick and Belle and plopped into the matching recliner next to Cam.
“So why aren’t you over there admiring my sister’s new ring?”
Cam’s grin widened. “Already saw it. Some rock, huh?”
“Uhm…yeah. And perfect for Belle. She’s so classy, but not in a ‘hey-look-at-me’ kind of way. It doesn’t surprise me her ring would be stunning, but not too large or…uhm, ostentatious.”
Cam laughed. “Wow. Careful there, Katiekins.” He used her sister’s pet name for her. “That’s a pretty hefty word for a little sprite like you.”
Groan. So Cam did still think of her as a child…and she couldn’t deny she was a bit on the small side. Even Belle, at five-foot-two and noticeably petite, stood taller and boasted more womanly curves than Katie. Her miniscule five-foot frame had not been counterbalanced with any real shapeliness, much to her own regret. Still, she’d never lacked admirers, so someone recognized her as a grown-up woman.
Would Cam ever see her that way?
She studied him for a moment, her teeth gently tugging at her lip. “So when are you going to put a ring on someone’s finger?”
Now Cam laughed outright. “Take a good look at this baby face. Come on. Do it.” He stretched his neck in a deliberately comical fashion and turned his face side to side.
Katie laughed. “I’ve seen your face before. What does that have to do with anything?”
“Well…now look over there and let your eyes feast on the man your sister’s hanging onto like there’s no tomorrow. That, my dear Katie, is what modern women are looking for.”
For a moment, her breath refused to be found. Surely this wonderful man didn’t really believe that nonsense?
In one slow, deliberate movement, she vacated the chair she’d claimed only moments earlier, took two steps, and knelt at his side. Drawing on every ounce of courage she possessed, Katie reached over and laid her hand on top of his.
Cam’s eyebrows shot toward his hairline, but he didn’t remove his hand from under hers. Maybe that was a good sign.
“Let me tell you something, Cameron Hilliard—and you listen up. Not all women want a man like Nick.” A sudden, uncharacteristic shyness threatened to overwhelm her, but Katie determinedly captured his gaze with her own and refused to let go. “I don’t.”

Author Bio: 

Delia Latham is a born-and-bred California gal, raised in a place called Weedpatch and currently living in East Texas with her husband, Johnny. 

She enjoys multiple roles as Christian wife, mother, grandmother, sister and friend, but especially loves being a princess daughter to the King of Kings. 

She has a "thing" for Dr. Pepper, and loves to hear from her readers. 

A Christmas Beau book blurb: 
Katie Knowles’ life is going just as she planned. Even her long-time crush on her sister’s boss, Cameron Hilliard, has fallen into place. The two have become what most people consider “an item,” and Katie knows Cameron cares for her. Deeply. But something keeps him from committing completely to their relationship.

Cam finds himself wading the murky waters of love a bit later than most men. He’s thirty-two when the love bug finally bites. At twenty-four, Katie’s so young. So pure. So innocent. Although he’s at peace with his past and has found Christ, Cam can claim none of those things. Is it fair to ask a special woman like Katie to tie her future to his?

Then Katie comes face to face with a ghost from a part of Cam's past he’d like to erase, and he faces the very real possibility of losing her. Suddenly their differences no longer matter. He has to find a way to set the situation right, face the consequence of his most shameful secret, and win back Katie’s trust and love.

But when the clock strikes midnight on Christmas day, it’ll be too late. Is their faith and love strong enough to bring them a real-life Christmas miracle?

Review of A Christmas Beau by Deborah Stone:  

Delia Latham has given us another captivating romance full of twists and turns that keep you wondering what happens next. Delia’s characters are realistic, flawed and charming. This story brings us romance, success, failure, heartache, happiness and, in the midst of it all, is the message of God’s love and His ability to see us through every aspect of our lives. 

As Katie and Cam navigate the complications that could overwhelm their relationship, they are reminded to seek God. Delia Latham provides us with a heartwarming romance, along with a story of family bonds, strength, and unconditional love. 

As always, Delia Latham presents us with a believable story that warms the heart and may cause a few tears. This is a charming love story filled with life lessons, all wrapped up as beautifully as any gift under the Christmas tree.

Connect with Delia through her website or send an e-mail to Find her also at the following online locations:

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