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Words of Faith: Umbrella Faith

Umbrella Faith
A Words of Faith story by Wade Webster

Hope and faith are very similar. What’s the difference?

The best example I ever heard is that both hope and faith pray for rain during a drought. After the prayer hope walks out the door, faith stops and grabs an umbrella before he heads out.

I’m doing my best to live out this form of faith in my life right now.

Barb and I met at Grace Bible College in Wyoming, Michigan when we were both in our mid-twenties. We married during Christmas break just over 29 years ago now.

We had the typical financial struggles early on. Barb endured a few surgeries along the way. No children blessed us. Cats filled that void.

We both loved walks in nature and fishing at a private lake of a distant family member. Memories were built well and often. Barb introduced me to birding. I took her hunting twice.

God tugged at both of our hearts to move out west near the end of our first decade together. Too many failed attempts that had us return to her parents’ vacant winter home added to our memories and tested our sanity. Nobody we knew understood that type of faith we displayed with no job or housing lined up at the other end of most of those moves.

God never let us go hungry or homeless.

Such a nomadic lifestyle made for no long-term friendships. I couldn’t fill Barb’s emotional needs by myself. She began to pull away just before our move to Plano, Texas.

I was driving trucks for a temporary agency at that time which did little for my stability emotionally. My mind was too far away for us to carry on any deep conversations during our walks.

We did find a fantastic church home filled with marvelous Christian brothers and sisters that I hoped would fill Barb’s needs for female friends to help her cope. The distance between us only grew.

Over three years ago Barb physically moved out to match the emotional distance we lived.

All attempts by me blew up in my face rather than reconcile anything. Marriage counseling was off the table by her as an option.

I had a choice to make at that time. I could let her go and end our relationship to pursue my happiness, or I could do my best to honor God with my commitment to Barb.

I chose to please God before myself. I accepted that I’m to love her as Christ loves the church. I continued to pay off her car and gave her access to the checking account.

I wrote Barb a letter telling her I’d continue to save her seat next to me every Sunday at church. Yeah, we both still attend the same church. She hasn’t walked totally away from God.

That empty seat next to me is my umbrella of faith as I continue to pray for God to touch her heart in His time.

Over a year ago I made the last payment on her car loan and lost my well-paying job in the same month. She filed divorce papers after that. Her seat is still on hold next to me each week.

Our county court system says we’re no longer married, but I know in God’s eyes and in my heart I vowed to keep Barb my one and only till death separates us. My ring hasn’t come off my finger and I don’t plan on it happening.

There’s no guarantee Barb will come back to me because of my faithfulness.

Paul told the Corinthian church that the trials of this life are light and temporary compared to the glory that awaits us someday (2 Corinthians 4:17). He then goes on to give a definition of faith as concentrating on what we can’t see because of its eternality.

Your circumstances may be difficult and baffling. Things may be out of control as far as you can see. Trust your Heavenly father to be pleased by the faith you grow as you obey Him today.

Don’t forget to grab your umbrella before you head out the door, my friend.

Author bio: 
Wade Webster lives in Plano, Texas with his best friend, Jesus Christ. He gave his heart to Jesus so young he doesn’t remember not being born-again. 

Most of his income is derived from driving trucks. He was 47 years old before he knew what he wanted to be when he grew up. Now writing is his passion and future career. 

You can get a taste of his writing styles and read his blog at

You can find links to some prayer e-books on his website which will be in print under one cover soon. Yes, that link will be on the website, too when it comes to life.

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