Thursday, June 18, 2015

Safe Havens and Open Hearts, book review of "A Friend in Me"

Safe Havens and Open Hearts 
Review of book A Friend in Me: How to be A Safe Haven for Other Women
Book written by Pamela Havey Lau
Review written by Alexis A. Goring 

Heartbreak, hope, forgiveness and restoration are all part of Pamela Havey Lau’s new book, A Friend in Me: How to be A Safe Haven for Other Women. But the most important thread found through the stories and pearls of wisdom for women shared in Lau’s book is this: the value of women—young and old—connecting with each other and sharing their life experience in a way that provides support, relief and hope for those who have not yet reached certain stages in life.

“The longing for a mentor, for someone who has gone on the journey before you and stops, or at least slows down, and takes the time to walk alongside of you, is a rare thing. I think Pam is that kind of person. She deftly describes the unfortunate chasm that can arise between generations of women and then, slowly, builds a bridge over it. She painfully describes the “groans” on both sides and the hope that awaits when we meet each other on that bridge.” – Nancy Ortberg writes in the Foreword for Friend in Me: How to be A Safe Haven for Other Women.

As the reader journeys through the 198 pages of this book, they not only meander over the metaphorical “bridge” mentioned by Ortberg—they relate to the stories and are encouraged in their life journey. Most importantly, women readers are reminded that they are not alone. Lau proves this fact page-by-page.

On page 193 of A Friend in Me, Lau writes, “Love restores. Love repairs. Love supports. Love encourages. Hebrews 3:13 reminds us to “encourage one another daily.” That call is still for you and me today. Love lies at the center of God’s character, and every time we answer the call to love women well, we become safe havens for them—this is what comforts them, encourages them; this is what makes us happy and sets our hearts free. What are we waiting for?”

It’s a question worth pondering, answering and setting a plan in motion to effect change.

A Friend in Me is a book purposed to bring together women who can offer each other much needed advice on life, support and agape love. Its message is of high importance in today’s society when we’re so connected yet so isolated.

Statistics show that 232 million people use Twitter every month and 1.3 billion people used Facebook last year. Clearly, we are a very “connected” society worldwide. Yet is it possible to be so connected yet feel so all alone?

Women want to connect with other women and seek mentors who have been there, done that and are willing to share the roadmap. Lau’s book is like that roadmap showing how women can not only be a safe place for women in the earlier stages of life but can be teachers and mentors who offer advice, comfort and understanding.

Through her book, Lau explores ways women need to use to initiate relationships with other women and have real conversations about faith, forgiveness, vocation and other matters of the heart and life.

“I’m praying for a movement around the globe for women to find satisfaction, healing and safety in closer relationships with the women God has placed in their lives,” Lau said in a press release.

Now it’s up to the readers led by God to help make Lau’s prayer and hope for women around the world, to come true.

A Friend in Me is most definitely a book to share with all the women in your life. It is beautifully-written and difficult to stop reading until you reach the final page. So if you’re looking to connect with other women and be encouraged through your struggles in life, this is a book for you.

*Litfuse Publicity Group sent a complimentary copy of A Friend in Me: How to be A Safe Haven for Other Women, to Alexis A. Goring, in exchange for an honest review.

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