Friday, August 13, 2010

A promise to embrace

Pain, suffering, sorrow, disaster, disease, disappointments and death are not the final act to our human history!

A great and marvelous event will take place someday when Jesus Christ returns to take His faithful followers HOME.

Didn't you know? Earth is not our home-- it's our training grounds. Our lives here on this side of eternity are to be spent living like Jesus-- loving the Lord our God with our full hearts and loving our neighbors as ourselves...ultimately showing the world a glimpse of our God whose heart is filled with compassion and arms are never too short to save. 

On what has been referred to as, "that great, gettin-up mornin'" (the return of Jesus Christ), "The sky shall unfold/preparing His entrance/the stars shall applaud Him/with thunders of praise/the sweet light in His eyes/shall, shall enhance those awaiting/and we shall behold Him then, face-to-face..."

Watch Sandi Patti perform her interpretation of this gospel message:

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