Tuesday, August 3, 2010

God loves you

"God loves you," I've been told since I was a born.

"God loves you," I've told countless people since I've been able to talk.

But since I've grown up, I've begun to think deeper about simple truths.
Yes, God loves you, but what does that mean?

It's a lot to wrap your mind around. See, God is the creator of the universe an all within it.

So you mean to tell me that the One who created the Earth, the galaxies, the sky, the sea, my friends, my family, me and all of humanity loves me?


It's powerful.

We get excited when someone we like tells us they love us. But here we have the Creator of the Universe telling us that we're the apple of His eye!

God doesn't need us to survive, but we need Him to live.

There's a bumper sticker (for cars) that says,
"Know God, know peace. No God, No peace."

Today I invite you to know (and for those of you who already do, then to reconnect) with the One who calls you his own

The Creator of the universe has a special place in His heart for humanity. He sent His Son to save us (John 10:10). Our Savior's name is Jesus Christ and He (literally) loves us with his life.

Here's a video from YouTube to help illustrate my point:

May you experience God's love, mercy and grace in a powerful way.



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