Monday, August 30, 2010

Now Behold the Lamb from The Gospel (movie)

This song from the movie, The Gospel, is a testimony in itself.

Here's to all the prodigal sons and daughters (past and present)'s not too late to return to God:

My favorite quotes from the preacher in the song:

"As the choir begins to sing, there are some of you who are going through your own storms. Can we talk about it?"

"Don't allow those situations in your life to keep you from having a relationship with God. No, you need to know Him!"

"You know many of us talk about, 'Oh I'm going to get to know God tomorrow.' TOMORROW ISN'T PROMISED and you can have salvation TODAY!"

"There is no perfect church! If there's a perfect church, it stopped being perfect the moment you and I walked in! BUT there IS a perfect God!"

Can I get a Hallelujah, AMEN? :)

*You can read about The Prodigal Son (true story) in the Bible via Luke 15:11-32 which you can view online (

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