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Romantic Reads: Together for Good

Interview with Penelope Powell about her book, Together for Good:

Alexis: Why did you write this book?

Penelope: Laney’s character is introduced in A Powerful Voice, book two of the Glen Oak Series. She comes across as a somewhat uncomplicated and easy-going friend. Together for Good peels back the layers of her character and life to show the depth of her faith developed through difficulties. People like that always inspire me.

Alexis: Tell us about your story’s heroine, Laney. What makes her happy? What makes her sad? Describe her looks, personality and heart.

Penelope: She’s lean, taller than average, so somewhat insecure of her not-so-curvy figure, but assured in all other aspects. She values relationships of all kinds, loves to teach, but finds change challenging.

Alexis: Tell us about your story’s hero, Matthew. What makes him mad? What makes him glad? Describe his looks, personality and mindset.

Penelope: Matthew is bookish with a charisma that turns heads. Though smart and funny, he’s grown jaded through his experiences, which makes him a little sarcastic.

Alexis: What is the theme of this story and how does it affect your characters?

Penelope: This story suggests that whether bad circumstances stem from trials, or decisions, God can weave good things into them. Laney and Matthew are challenged to put their trust and hope in God even when life hurts.

Alexis: Why does Laney harbor a secret crush on Matthew?

Penelope: When Laney was a little girl going through a difficult season, Matthew was kind to her. From that she formed an attachment.

What prevents Laney from telling Matthew how she feels about him?

Penelope: I think fear of rejection keeps most people from sharing their true feelings. Laney and Matthew are no different.

Alexis: What is it about Laney that made Matthew want to be there for her in the past and why does he push her away now in the present?

Penelope: Matthew is empathetic with Laney’s pain in the beginning of the story. Though years pass, seeing her as an adult isn’t an easy odd transition for him.

Alexis: How does love begin to bloom between Matthew and Laney?

Penelope: Spending time together slowly replaces old memories and conceptions with new versions of the people they’ve become.

Alexis: What threatens to end Matthew and Laney’s love before it reaches full bloom?

Penelope: Like many love stories, miscommunication, misunderstanding, and unrealistic expectations derails their growing interest.

Alexis: What role does faith in God play in Matthew and Laney’s life stories?

Both are tested, but events and conversations help each see things from another perspective, and that grows their faith.

Alexis: How did your real-life faith in God impact your storytelling?

Penelope: Facing trials spurred questions about God, which caused me to dig deeper into His Word. Ultimately, that pursuit established me with a firmer foundation of belief and hope.

Alexis: What do you want readers to remember most about this story? Why?

Penelope: I hope readers will be able to look at life’s trials from a more hope-filled perspective by seeing God’s hand in their own stories.

Alexis: If you could step into this story as a professional counselor, how would you counsel Matthew and Laney?

Penelope: First, I would tell them to be honest with themselves and each other, and then give each other the same measure of grace they would like to receive.

Alexis: Thanks for the interview, Penelope! Would you like to share closing thoughts?

Penelope: Thank you for the opportunity to share some of my thoughts behind writing Together for Good. I hope it will bless and encourage anyone who takes the time to read Laney and Matthew’s story.

Author Bio:

Penelope grew up in Tennessee, but has lived in various states and a few countries outside the United States. She holds a B.S. in Business/Political Science and a M.S. in Multinational Commerce from Boston University.

After working in the field of banking and finance, she left to invest her time with her children. Now that they are grown, she is pursing the life of a writer. As an avid reader of fiction and a student of Biblical truth, she combines what she learns into stories of redemption.

A Powerful Voice, A Furrow So Deep, and Together for Good are full length romances published through Anaiah Press, LLC, as well as her Christmas novella, My Christmas Hope.

Together for Good book blurb:

Having lost her mother in a tragic drunk driving accident, Laney Spence is no stranger to grief and loss. Despite this tragedy touching her life at such a young age, Laney has maintained her belief that God brings good out of even the most difficult circumstances. For her, that good came in the form of her older brother’s best friend, Matthew Jordan.

Kind and compassionate, Matthew helped her grieve—and she’s been harboring a crush on him ever since.

Years later, when tragedy shatters Matthew’s life, Laney is there for him the same way he’d been there for her all those years ago. But they’re not kids anymore. She’s a teacher with little life experience, and he’s a jaded divorce lawyer with a past he’d rather keep secret.

Neither of them can ignore the attraction that blooms, though, leaving them both wondering—is attraction, history, and a shared faith in God enough to keep them together for good, or will circumstances beyond their control drive them apart?

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  1. It hits close to home for me, as I'm sure the same goes for many in this world, and I would love to read it in hopes that it would help me with my struggles that I deal with daily in my life.
    The cover is nice and what you have shared about the book I thank you for doing so, as well as giving a copy of this/your book "Together for Good" away to one lucky person I thank you!


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