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My Review of the "Before I Go" Online Bible Study from Sarah Koontz

Dear Blog Readers,

Today, I'd like to share my review of a FREE Bible study with you!

The Bible study is called "Before I Go" and it's authored by Sarah Koontz. It focuses on Jesus Christ's final teaching and prayer for His people before He left Earth. 

This study spans for three weeks and is worth every minute that you spend in it!

Read a word from Sarah below then proceed to read my review of Before I Go.

God bless you!



A Word from Sarah Koontz:

If you have ever wondered who Jesus Christ REALLY is or questioned His relevance in your life, I invite you to join us for the “Before I Go” study. All you need to complete this free online Bible study is 15-minutes per day and an e-mail address.

The detailed account of Jesus’ final teaching and prayer in John 14-17 reveal the heart of the Man, the Messiah, and the Redeemer. 

They are the gospel truth that brings freedom, joy, and transformation into our lives.


● Understand Who Jesus Christ Is

● Receive the Free Gift of Salvation

● Invite others to Accept Jesus’ Invitation

● Study and Apply God’s Word to Your Life

● Pray With Absolute Confidence

As you go through this three-week study, you will notice every day is titled with an action verb. They are actions you can do right now! And every single one of them is a reaction to what Jesus Christ has done for you.

When we get to know who Jesus Christ really is—understand why He came to earth and humbled himself to the point of death upon the cross—we are completely transformed.

This study will be offered free of charge to anyone who wishes to participate. Reserve your spot today at

Study Format

Throughout the study, you will receive daily e-mails including a brief Scripture reading and devotional along with shareable quote graphics. We are excited to announce that we have included an audio version of the daily devotionals in each Before I Go e-mail—making it easier than ever to learn on the go! We encourage you to set aside a minimum of 10-15 minutes per day to complete the study but don’t be surprised if you are tempted to linger a while longer over Jesus’ powerful words.

My Review of Before I Go Bible study:

This Before I Go online Bible study is amazing! The author, Sarah Koontz, does a delightful job of showing what it means to follow Jesus and take His Truth into the world. She carefully and effectively explains His Mission and shows how it relates to our purpose in life. 

Powerful points are found throughout this study. Early on (page 8), Sarah writes,
“Knowing the character of God helps us believe in the promises of God.” 

She also draws inspiration from movies to help make her points clear such as when she shared a reference to Miss Congeniality and emphasized how the beauty contestants' go-to answer was world peace. Regarding this popular desire for world peace, Sarah says, “Social change will not bring peace. Economic stability will not bring peace. Absence of war will not bring peace.”

Sarah pulls quotes from famous pastors like 
Dr. Warren Wiersbe, who said, “People in the world walk by sight and depend on externals, but Christians walk by faith and depend on eternals.”

This entire study is perfectly punctuated with powerful words from the author herself, The Holy Bible and popular thought leaders from our modern times. Most of all, it's short and very easy to navigate! Three weeks will fly by when you start this study and at the end, you will not only be encouraged but refreshed by the gems within these 32 pages.

Toward the end of the study on page 31, Sarah wraps up her main points with a quote from American actor Kirk Cameron. He said, “If you had the cure to cancer, wouldn’t you share it? You have the cure to death, get out there and share it!” 

Don't delay. Sign-up here to receive your copy of Before I Go

Note: There is an audio version available too! See the promo photo for it below.

Author Bio:

Sarah Koontz invites Christians of all ages to explore the beauty of God’s design through her writing at She is a passionate storyteller who enjoys using illustrations to communicate deep spiritual truths. Before I Go is Sarah’s fifth free online Bible study, and she hopes to write many more in the years to come.

Sarah lives on 13-acres in South Dakota with her husband, two daughters and a rowdy flock of chickens. She revels in their simple, uncluttered life.

You can also find Sarah on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Read Sarah’s full bio here.

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