Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Devotionals for the Heart: FLAW

I’m FLAWed
A devotional by Paula Moldenhauer

Maybe you’ve conquered this completely. I hope so. But I gotta admit it’s hard to get through a day without noticing a flaw. In my appearance. In my behavior. In my work. It used to get me really down, recovering perfectionist that I am.

Most of us struggle with what to do when we see our flaws or the flaws of someone else. 

Recently, during a prayer time with some dear friends, God showed us His perspective on flaws. He reminded us that His blood has cleansed every imperfection, and we stand before Him as blameless. When He looks at us, He sees the person He created us to be. He sees the new creation we are in Him. It’s like 2 Corinthians 5:17 says, “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!” God sees a precious work of His very own hands, a work He knit together in our mother's womb. If you don’t believe that, hang out for a while in Psalm 139.

Sure. God knows we struggle with faults. The psalmist says God knows we are “but dust.” But He isn’t wringing His hands in despair when He sees our flaws. He already executed His perfect plan. He saved us, made us blameless in His sight, and is determined to change us from the inside out. He who started a good work in us will be faithful to complete it (Philippians 1:6). He works all things for our good to make us more and more like Jesus (Romans 8:28–29).

God is creative. He wanted to drive the point home, so during our prayer time, He gave my friends and me an acronym for FLAW:

Free to




I’ve had quite a journey learning to accept my flawed self. But if God is not freaking out about our imperfections, why do we? Our flaws don’t have to bring shame and self-judgment. They don’t have to lead to ugly, unhealthy thinking about ourselves.

How about a paradigm change?

The next time you are overcome with one of your flaws, try God's way of thinking. 

Even with that imperfections, you are Free to Live As Worthy!

Stop and praise God for the work of the cross, the blood that changed you and made you righteous, redeemed, and holy. Thank Him for creating you and praise Him that everything He creates is good! Accept yourself without pretending the flaw isn’t there or judging yourself for its existence. Stand up straight in your identity of a worthy child, beloved of God. Turn your focus to praise for the change God is doing within you as He remakes you to be more like Jesus. Then from a mindset of one who is Free to Live As Worthy (even with a flaw or two, or two hundred), ask Him to empower you to overcome.

Let's Pray: Jesus, the next time that I recognize a flaw in myself or others, remind me that because of Your blood we are Free to Live As Worthy. Instead of judgment, help me receive Your grace, mercy, and unconditional love. Then help me extend the grace You’ve given me.

Author Bio:
Author, speaker, and mom of four, Paula Moldenhauer encourages others to live free to flourish. She shares this message when speaking at women’s events, and it permeates her written work. 

Paula has published over 300 times in non-fiction markets and has a devotional book series, Soul Scents. Her first published novella was a finalist in the ACFW Carol Awards, and she now has six published works of fiction

Paula and her husband, Jerry, are adjusting to a sometimes-empty nest in Colorado. Today’s devotion was adapted from her devotional book, Soul Scents: Flourish

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