Saturday, September 22, 2018

Falling for Books: The Introduction

Dear Blog Readers,

Starting tomorrow (Sept. 23) the Fall Season will arrive in the United States! 

It's time for sweet potato or pumpkin pie, caramel apple cider, pumpkin spice lattes (though I've never had one, my friends with a Starbucks habit look forward to it every year) and plenty of beautiful backgrounds for photography opportunities if you live in an area where the tree leaves change into vibrant colors of red, orange and yellow! I love the Autumn/Fall season weather because of its sunny days, cool breezes, crisp air, and perfection everywhere!

In celebration of this delightful season, I'm starting a new series on my blog for Fall 2018. The series is called "Falling for Books" and it's going to be AWESOME!  

Every Sunday in Fall 2018 (from Sept. 23 to Dec. 16), you'll find a new Christian author who's visiting to talk about their book in a variety of special features that include author interviews, character interviews, devotionals based on their book, personal essays about the fall season and how it ties into their book's message or theme, book reviews and story excerpts!

By now you must know that Contemporary Romance is my favorite genre to promote on my blog but there's also room this Fall season for historicals, romantic suspense and women's fiction stories to be featured here on my blog. You should also know that the authors who visit my blog love to give away free copies of the books that we feature here! Yes, book giveaway contests are a part of this "Falling for Books" series. Happiness for your heart, right? 

So grab your favorite fall beverage, go to your favorite reading nook and soak in these fun features on my blog!


Founder of God is Love (blog)

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