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Let Love Bloom: The Wedding Barter

The Wedding Barter: 
The Story Behind The Story
A guest post by Alice K. Arenz

I’ve always loved reading and writing mysteries and suspense—all the puzzles that must be pieced together one scene at a time. And, while there’s always a bit of romance in each of my novels, they are, at the core, mystery/suspense. So, you can imagine my surprise when I was approached about writing a romance. I was flattered, but it was too far out of my comfort zone to even consider. 

But, the more I talked with my publisher—Forget Me Not Romances—the more curious I became. The premise sounded interesting and amusing—loosely based on a bridesmaid auction that had been in the papers—and would be part of six novellas in a proposed boxed set (later named Trying Out For Love). Maybe, just maybe, I could do this. After a lot of prayer, the seed of an idea soon blossomed into more than I could’ve ever imagined. The big question before me was—“Exactly HOW are you going to do this?!”

You see, my entire body was in such a state of spasm that I couldn’t sit at the computer—and because of chronic issues, working on a laptop in my chair is NEVER an option. Adding to the situation, were horrible allergy attacks that locked me in a mental and physical fog! But, I’m a firm believer that God wouldn’t have given me the idea and details if He didn’t have the solution already worked out.

After stewing over the dilemma for about a month, my husband suggested that I dictate to him as he typed on his laptop. Seriously? Which is exactly what I asked him. He was not only serious, he was dedicated to the project—even when absolutely nothing was happening! He tried to understand that “my process” had always involved me sitting at my desk, eyes closed, fingers on the keyboard as I prayed and waited for the “connection.” I can’t even begin to explain how much more difficult it was to find a way to verbally describe what I saw happening in my head! 

But, like my characters in Barter reminded themselves, all it takes is a mustard seed of faith. That’s what I sought, and the result is a 49,000-word short novel which is a romance based in the same fictional town of Tarryton, Missouri where The Bouncing Grandma Mystery series is set. No murders, but a few twists and turns, and, I hope, some laughs as well.

Author Bio:
Though Alice K. Arenz is known for her cozy mysteries and romantic mystery/suspense novels, the Carol Award-winning author has branched out with her newest release, The Wedding Barter, a romance that is both serious and funny. 

Arenz is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers. Her first three novels were honored by two finals and one win in ACFW’s Carol Awards: cozy mysteries The Case of the Bouncing Grandma (a 2009 finalist), The Case of the Mystified M.D., (2010 winner), and mystery/suspense Mirrored Image (a 2011 finalist). 
These novels have been followed by An American Gothic, Portrait of Jenny, and short story, Home Cookin’.

Blurb for Alice's book The Wedding Barter:

Riley Carr has been best friends with Amy Lawton since they were toddlers. While Amy awaits her discharge from the Army, Riley's been left in charge of helping to arrange "a very small, intimate ceremony with no fanfare" for Amy and her fiancé. But, Riley has something else in mind.

With the aid of two other friends, Riley presents her “wedding barter” idea to groom, David Herron. He agrees, providing best man, Mike Todd, stays in the loop to keep things from getting out of hand.

It doesn't help that the giant of a man is threatening, overbearing, and just doesn’t seem to like her or her ideas. But, when Todd gives Riley an ultimatum of producing results in three weeks or he’ll take over, she’s determined to prove him wrong . . . in more ways than one.

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  1. Hi Alexis & everyone! Just for clarification, I am giving away an EBOOK. A Kindle version of THE WEDDING BARTER, to be exact. Thanks so very much for hosting me. God Bless, alice k arenz

  2. I’ve never heard of a wedding barter! I guess you never stop learning! Seems like a very interesting concept.


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