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A Prelude to Christmas: Terri's story about a bride, boots and a wedding

Welcome a new guest to the blog today, her name is Terri Weldon. We're going to learn more about her Christmas novella and you will have a chance to WIN a copy of it! Here's a sneak peak: 

Blurb for The Christmas Bride Wore Boots (book) by Terri Weldon: 
Widowed Pastor Jacob Thompson had vowed to never remarry, but that was before he met Veterinarian Molly Kincaid. Could this unlikely duo be a match made in heaven?

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Enjoy your time with Terri today by reading her author interivew!

Interview with Terri Weldon, author of The Christmas Bride Wore Boots:

Alexis: The cover to your book is lovely! Who designed it? Why was it your vision for this story?

Terri: Thank you, Alexis! My cover designer is Lacy Williams a friend from my local ACFW chapter. Lacy asked me questions about the story and what I wanted on the cover and sent me a couple of mock-ups. This one was lovely and worked perfect for the story.

Alexis: How did you dream up the title of your book? What is the significance of a bride wearing boots under her wedding dress?

Terri: When I first started writing the novella I gave the book a working title of, "The Bride Wore Boots". I actually liked the title, but I wanted it to convey Christmas since my heroine gets married on Christmas Eve. So I changed the title to The Christmas Bride Wore Boots

Two members of my family were married in cowboy boots, my nephew’s wife and my great niece. In both instances the boots looked adorable and suited the brides. My heroine is a veterinarian – a tomboy. The complete opposite of what most people think a pastor’s wife should be, but definitely the kind of gal who would wear boots with her wedding dress. 

Alexis: Tell us about the hero of your story, Jacob Thompson. Why did you give him a passion to be a pastor? What are his character flaws, strengths and weaknesses? 

Terri: When Jacob first came to my mind he had certain attributes. He is fully devoted to God and loves to help others. Because of his devotion to Christ he wants to reach people for Jesus. It seemed a logical conclusion for him to be a minister.

A part of me would like to say Jacob is the perfect man with no character flaws! But that wouldn’t be truthful or realistic. I guess I’d have to say he always thinks he knows best. In a sense this is also one of his strengths. When he makes a decision such as having Molly serve as the coordinator of the Living Nativity he sticks by it and her. He isn’t swayed by the opinions of others. His weakness is his inability to move beyond the past.

Alexis: What about Jacob makes your Molly Kincaid, the heroine, swoon?

Terri: His devotion to God and his daughter. Jacob puts his faith and family before everything else and that’s exactly the kind of man Molly wants to marry. Of course his beautiful blue eyes help a little.

Alexis: Jacob was married before and vowed to never remarry…until he meets Molly. What is it about her that’s moving him to reconsider his vow?

Terri: Well you know how love is. Jacob is instantly drawn to Molly despite his vow. He also has a five-year-old daughter named Emma who really likes her. Since Molly was raised without a mother she and Emma identify with each other. 

Alexis: Tell us about your story’s heroine Molly Kincaid. Why is being a veterinarian the best job for her and what does she love most about it? Share a few notes on her looks, personality and heart for animals. 

Terri: Molly grew up around animals and she’s always nurtured them and tried to heal them. So being a veterinarian is a calling for her. She can’t imagine another profession. One of the things she loves most about her job is seeing the animals in her care restored to health. While she specializes in large farm animals she also cares for the domestic animals in town. Molly is every inch a tomboy. She loves being outdoors working with animals. She has a big heart for children, especially Emma and is a devoted friend. Definitely the kind of person I’d like to call friend. 

Alexis: Describe Jacob and Molly’s meet-cute. Why are they an “unlikely duo”?

Terri: When the story starts Jacob and Molly have already met so you don’t really get to see them meet. Sorry about that folks, but you do get to see some great interaction. 

As far as them being an unlikely duo, well they seem to be so opposite from one another. Jacob isn’t from a small town – Molly is. Also, Molly is a farm girl, comfortable working outdoors and delivery calves and foals. Jacob is comfortable behind a pulpit or out working with people not animals.

Alexis: Where is the setting for your story, and why did you choose it?

Terri: The setting for my story is rural Oklahoma. I’m from Oklahoma and we have plenty of small towns, so it seemed a natural place to set my story.

Alexis: What was your favorite part about writing this story?

Terri: Watching Jacob and Molly fall in love. And watching Emma get the mother her heart desired. Oh, not to mention meeting the next bride in the Berryhill Brides Series.

Alexis: If Molly was real and you were her best friend forever (BFF), what would you get her for Christmas? Why?

Terri: My Christmas gift for Molly would be a beautiful new sweater with matching boots. Molly doesn’t buy herself enough nice things. Poor girl doesn’t have a clue and I’m a shopper so I’d help her out!

Alexis: If you were a professional counselor and Jacob was one of your clients, what advice would you give him about Molly?

Terri: I would tell Jacob to follow his heart. Molly sounds like a wonderful woman and he shouldn’t let the past hold him back. 

Alexis: What do you want your readers to cherish most about this story?

Terri: I’m hoping readers will realize that God made each of us different and that difference is what makes you uniquely you. There is no need to try and conform to other’s expectations. When the right person comes along they will love you for yourself. 

Alexis: Thanks for the interview, Terri! Do you have any final comments?

Terri: Alexis, I’d just like to thank you for hosting me on your blog today. Your idea of featuring Christmas books is such a fun one. I’m looking forward to learning about everyone’s Christmas stories. 

Author bio: 

Terri Weldon is a lead analyst by day and an author by night. She enjoys gardening, reading, and shopping for shoes. One of her favorite pastimes is volunteering as the librarian at her church. It allows her to shop for books and spend someone else’s money! Plus, she has the great joy of introducing people to Christian fiction. 

She lives with her family in Oklahoma. Terri has two adorable Westies – Crosby and Nolly Grace. Terri is a member of ACFW and OCFW, a local chapter of ACFW. Her dream of becoming a published novelist came true in November 2013 when Mistletoe Magic, released from White Rose Publishing.
Connect with Terri:
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  1. Hi Terri - what a good interview and your Christmas book sounds like such fun! I can't wait to read it. I loved your novella Mistletoe Magic. Keep up the good work. Blessings!

    1. Thanks so much for reading Terri's interview, "Loves to Read"! :) If you want a chance to win Terri's novel, you need to fill out the Rafflecopter widget form above in this blog post. Rafflecopter randomly selects the winner.

    2. Loves to read - I'm glad you liked Mistletoe Magic. Nothing makes a writer happier than hearing a reader liked their book! I hope you enjoy The Christmas Bride Wore Boots. It will be available 30 November. Thanks!

  2. Hi Terri,
    Love the cover of your new Christmas book. I just added it to my TBR list so this weekend I'll pick it up. Best wishes on your next book.

  3. Sounds like a fun book, Terri! And I love the cover!!

    1. Thanks Erin! My cover designer is great. The book was such fun to write and I hope readers enjoy it.

  4. Alexis, thanks for hosting me on your blog today. I'm looking forward to learning about the other Christmas books you'll be featuring.

    1. You're welcome, Terri! Thanks for being my guest! :)

  5. Loved learning more about your novella. Like Alexis, I love the cover!

    1. Happy to hear that you loved learning about Terri's novella, Angie! :) The book cover is indeed gorgeous! :)

  6. Hi, Terri! Hi, Alexis!
    Sounds like such a sweet story! Thanks for the giveaway!

    1. Hi Natalie! Thanks for the note and for entering the book giveaway contest. Good luck! :)

    2. Hi Natalie, I hope you get a chance to read the novella. Maybe you'll be the lucky winner.


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