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Interview (Part III) with Summer Pearson, actress/singer/worship leader/missionary for God

Today is the final feature with Summer, for now! I say "for now" because I believe that God has so much more in store for this special Christian music singer. 

I hope that you've enjoyed your time with Summer. 

Remember: If you want to win a copy of "Love Letters" (Summer's debut album), enter the music giveaway contest by selecting the link to yesterday's post with Summer. 

Meanwhile, enjoy this final interview with Summer on my blog...for now! :)

Interview (Part III) with Summer Pearson, actress/singer/worship leader/missionary for God:

Alexis: How would you describe your style as a musician?

Summer: I would say that it’s “Contemporary Christian with soul” because it definitely has that fresh, kind of clean “Contemporary Christian” sound. But I grew up in the Black church singing gospel music and I listen to R&B so the soul comes through as well. We didn’t want to delete that from it because it’s so much a part of who I am. So again, that word “universal” comes up. Thank God I’m making universal music right now.

Alexis: What’s your favorite radio station?

Summer: I tend to listen to stations that offer diverse types of music. BRITE Radio definitely does that and I love and respect BRITE Radio for that.

Alexis: If you could do lunch with your favorite musician—famous or not—, who would it be and why? Where would you go for lunch?

Summer: I think I would go with Kirk Franklin. I’ve met so many musicians that I love over past year or two, it’s amazing but I got to meet Kirk Franklin this at the beginning of this year, randomly. I came to one of his concerts, was hanging out afterward at a local restaurant and he happened to walk in and meet with somebody I knew.

He is the nicest man and he was so gracious and sweet and he just performed for like three hours straight. So I would have understood if he was just like, “Hi” and kept it moving. But he actually came and sat with us, listened to us tell him how much he means to us and took pictures and all that. So he had to go but I think if I could spend more time with him to understand his journey, how he writes songs, some of the lessons he’s learned, business mixed with ministry, how that all works out. He’s given so many people a start in this business—like look at how well Tamela Mann is doing now.

I just feel that like that would be an afternoon really well spent, just having lunch with him and pulling from all that he has to offer.

Where would we go? Well, I met him at The Hamilton in D.C., so I see us there again. We would go there, they have really good food.

Alexis: What’s next for Summer Pearson as a musician? Where do you want God to take you? Why?

Summer: I want to go around the world. I literally want to touch as many people as I can. I have a real passion for reaching people one-on-one and hearing their stories and inspiring them and praying with them.

I feel like the project gets you in the door, telling people about you who may not have known about your otherwise.

But my passion really is with the direct ministry. So, I pray that this CD will continue to open doors for me to get out and try to touch people in a really personal way. I think that it’s going to be multiplied to the point where I may not be able to do it as much as I want to but it’s something that I prayed for, for so long just to be able to do that. I want to offer myself up basically to be used by God, however He opens doors.

It’s like a friend of mine who says, “God whatever door you open, I will run through it and whatever door you close, I won’t complain.” I’ve adopted that philosophy, that approach as well.

This will not be the last CD, there’s a lot more music that I’m already writing. I was writing even as we were recording “Love Letters.” People should stay tuned! We’re really just getting started.

Alexis: Thanks for the interview, Summer! Would you like to share any closing thoughts?

Summer: Thank you so much! I encourage people to get “Love Letters.”

Singer bio: 

Summer is an outstanding recording artist, radio personality, actress, and speaker. Summer is skilled at performing many musical styles, especially Gospel and Contemporary Christian. Her vocals are often described as beautiful, powerful, heartfelt and angelic. 

In Summer, there also lies a wonderful speaker and actress who connects with audiences of all ages and conveys messages with conviction and grace. She is reliable and professional in presentation, timeliness, and responsiveness. 

Summer has experience performing for corporate events, weddings, concerts, funerals, retreats, church services, and other events. She is accepting bookings through 2017 and welcomes the opportunity to work with you on your event.

Summer's music is available for purchase in your iTunes store. 


Connect with Summer:

Email -

IG - summersofficialpage

Twitter - @summertimesings

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