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Interview with Cheryl Martin, author of "Distinctly You" (book)

Today, we have a special guest. She's a high-profile broadcast journalist, speaker, communicator and author with a passion for helping women and inspiring audiences. Cheryl Martin is her name and she's here to talk about this book:

Here's what Susan, a reader of Cheryl's book, had to say about it: “Cheryl, I heard you speak on Life Today and ordered your book Distinctly You during the program. God has used many books to help and to heal me but Distinctly You was the timeliest tool He has ever given to me. I had been struggling under jealousy and comparison because I was raised that way. And right as it came to its highest peak yet in my 50 years of living God showed me His answer, "Distinctly You". I have recommended it to numerous friends already. This collection of personal stories along with the biblical accounts has brought healing, much learning and a tool for me to use to help others… Many women need this tool of freedom. God Bless You, precious sister. Susan”

Now guess what? Today, you, my dear blog readers, have the distinct honor of hearing from Cheryl Martin as she's talking about her book Distinctly You in this author interview. 

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Interview with Cheryl Martin about her book, Distinctly You:

Alexis: What led you to write Distinctly You?

Cheryl: I wanted to encourage women to stop fixating on what they are not or do not have and instead, develop their God-given uniqueness. I believed that sharing my journey and my God-stories would inspire them to become ALL God meant them to be.

Alexis: What message do you want your readers to take to heart?

Cheryl: Every woman has a God-given distinction, but on this journey called ‘life,’ we experience attitudes and actions, “blockers” to our distinction. To counter these “blockers,” we must activate “builders.” I mention in Distinctly You, twelve of each.”

Alexis: What do you think of the 3 Cs: comparing, competing, and coveting” that we as women fall victim to? How can we overcome that pitfall?

Cheryl: I like to say that those 3C’s lead to 3Ds: discouragement, discontentment, and depression, and they are deadly. You cannot win when you are consumed with any of the 3C’s because they can prevent you from developing your strengths and distinctions. There is always going to be someone smarter, prettier, younger, and more talented.

We need to remember that someone else’s greatness will take nothing from our God-given distinction. When we believe this, we will applaud and affirm another woman and her giftedness.

We can overcome the 3C’s by remembering that it’s God who determined our talents, looks, and assignments. We exist to glorify Him. He will reward us based on what we do with what we’ve been given. We can get the same commendation as someone multitalented or more beautiful or smarter when we do our best.

I have learned much by studying the great attitudes of John the Baptist, Jonathan, and Elisabeth in the Bible. They applauded the “higher” positions appointed to Jesus, David, and Mary, the mother of Jesus. There was no competition or rivalry. They recognized the sovereign hand of God in choosing whom He would exalt.”

Alexis: Thank you for writing this book. You share your personal stories of the battles you faced in life. In what ways do you hope that your heartfelt transparency will help women readers?

Cheryl: I am by nature a private person, but I believed God wanted me to share my internal struggles with self-acceptance and doubt at certain times in my life to encourage other women. So many times, people think that those who have experienced a certain level of success don’t have to overcome their fears and rejection. So many times, we as women find it difficult to verbalize what we are feeling and experiencing and how we really see ourselves. We don’t open up to anyone about our dislike of our body image or skin tone, or height or weight. I decided to share things I’d only talked to God about because I wanted other women to know I’ve been there and there is a way to breakthrough to freedom and fulfillment.

Alexis: What were the challenges of writing “Distinctly You?

Cheryl: I actually had a lot more material than I thought. I needed to rely on God’s wisdom to know what to keep in and what to take out. Also, it took awhile to get a publishing contract. I had these concepts in my heart for more than seven years, but in God’s perfect timing, the book was picked up by a publisher (Bethany House) that was excited about the project. How the book came to be could easily fit into the premise of what Distinctly You is all about…that God has a distinct path for all of us and He desperately wants to lead us on the best course for our lives.

Alexis: What tips can you share with us to help us discover our distinct God-given purpose in life?

Cheryl: I believe that studying the 12 “blockers” and the 12 “builders” covered in the book will provide great insight on what is holding any woman back from her destiny. All might not apply to each reader, but you can identify the actions and attitudes that need to be discarded and those that need to be developed.”

Alexis: Complete this sentence: At the end of the day, I am _________________________because ________________________.

Cheryl: At the end of the day, I am thrilled that I committed my life to Jesus as a child because this relationship has shaped my life. I have no regrets that I made Him my Savior and Lord.

Author bio: 
Cheryl Martin is a professional speaker, communications expert, and the host of Excellent Living, a weekly radio broadcast offering practical and relevant principles that assist women in making wise choices. Cheryl Martin was the popular moderator of Lead Story, a Sunday news analysis program on Black Entertainment Television (BET). The show brought together some of the top African-American journalists to discuss the major national and international news events of the week and interview top newsmakers. 

During her tenure at BET, Martin was a news anchor and also reported and produced several half-hour specials for the network: “The Legacy: Dreaming and Living Success,” an inspirational look at successful African Americans and the parents who inspired them to excel; “Mission in the Hood,” a look at initiatives by Black, inner-city churches to curb violence and strengthen the family, and “Passage to Democracy,” a chronicling of Martin’s visit to South Africa to cover the historic first all-race elections.

She is the author of the books: Distinctly You: Trading Comparison & Competition for Freedom & Fulfillment and 1st Class Single: Rules for Dating & Waiting God’s Way.
Connect with Cheryl:


  1. This sounds like a great book with a really positive message!

    1. Hi Leslie! Yes, it is a great book! I read it through in one sitting and benefitted from its positive message. :)


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