Monday, May 30, 2016

Someone Like You: Book review and blog tour

Welcome to my spot on the blog tour for Victoria Bylin's May 2016 release, Someone Like You! Here's the cover for Bylin's book:

Isn't it a beautiful book cover? Made me want to read it as soon as I saw it! 

But Bylin's new book is more than just a pretty cover, it contains a solid, sweet and riveting read! Not only is the read worthwhile, but Litfuse Publicity Group is hosting a giveaway contest where YOU can WIN a FREE copy of Someone Like You! Visit the official link for the giveaway here. The contest ENDS on May 31. The winners will be announced on June 1 on the Litfuse blog. See the link for details. 

Meanwhile, enjoy my review of Bylin's book! 

Someone Like You
Written by Victoria Bylin
Book review by Alexis A. Goring, founder of "God is Love" blog
Rating: Excellent! 5 stars!

I loved this book, Someone Like You, written by Victoria Bylin!

The story centers on Julia Dare, a woman who’s learned life lessons the hard way, and her college sweetheart Zeke Monroe.

When Julia is sent to Caliente Springs on business, she stops Zeke’s heart (not literally). Seeing Julia again is like a walk down Memory Lane for him and he finds feelings that he’d locked away breaking through to the surface.

But time, along with trials, has changed both Julia and Zeke. Julia has a son with her ex-beau Hunter, who is a world-class player and someone who she does not want in her life. Zeke’s had a fall from grace and still struggles with the effects of his bad decisions. The reader realizes from the start that if Julia and Zeke are going to rekindle their romance and work as a couple, they have to overcome their inner and outer struggles.

The author takes the reader by the hand at the start of this story then lets them run wild with the characters and enjoy the journey through the end. She writes in a way that you feel like you’re watching a romantic drama on the big screen. The A-story (main focus) is about Zeke and Julia but there’s also a B-story (subplot) that focuses on Julia’s Mom, a widow who finds love again.

The main and subplots are written with great skill and care. The author makes her character’s life and backstory realistic and addresses issues that happen in this modern day world. It’s clean fiction but it’s very real too. The characters wrestle with issues like purity, innocence lost, regret, hope, heartbreak and second-time-around romance.

It truly is an enjoyable read worth every ounce of a five-star rating! Bravo, Bylin, for a book that’s memorable and beautiful!

*Litfuse Publicity Group provided Alexis A. Goring with a complimentary copy of Someone Like You in exchange for an honest review.

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