Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Worth 1,000 Words: Katelyn James Photography (Part II)

Mr. Josh and Mrs. Katie Wootton, photo credit: Katelyn James Photography

The beautiful images above are from the wedding of Josh and Katie, the newlyweds Mr. and Mrs. Wootton.

The creative talent behind the camera who was responsible for capturing these captivating images is Katelyn James! She's a sweet person and smart business woman. I am delighted to feature Katelyn and her photography on my blog for the second time in this series! She takes such captivating, romantic and sweet photos of her clients that I had to double-book her for this photography feature. After looking at the photos from Josh and Katie's wedding, I'm sure you may agree.

Katelyn started her photography business in 2008 and never stopped shooting! She's come a long way since her college days when her dorm room was the base for her photography business. After graduation, Katelyn continued her creative work and chased her dreams. Now, Katelyn and her husband Michael (they are a team) photograph an average of more than 30 weddings annually. When not shooting weddings, Katelyn keeps busy with more of her favorite creative endeavors: blogging, speaking and owning a shop.

What loves means to Katelyn as a wedding photographer:

"My view of love has changed so much over the years. I recently watched a video that really encompassed all that I think love is. It was a video of a young engaged couple who got to see what they would look like 60 years from now and it was so amazing. I realized watching that video that my job is so important. I'm preserving memories in their purest form and that is such an honor!"

*See more photos of Josh and Katie's wedding by visiting Katelyn's blog,


Photographer bio:
Photo credit: Michael Alsop (Katelyn's husband)
Katelyn James started her professional photography career as a Junior in college and was shooting 25+ weddings annually within her second year. After growing her business and gaining recognition in national publications such as Professional Photographers Magazine, The Knot, Southern Living Weddings, Southern Weddings and Eco Weddings, she began teaching and coaching photographers from all over the country and internationally.

Katelyn hosts workshops throughout the year and monthly coaching sessions at her home in Richmond, VA. Recently, Katelyn has been joined by her husband Michael and they are officially a husband/wife team. 

Since joining forces, Katelyn and Michael average 36 weddings annually. Their work has also been featured numerous times on national wedding blogs such as Real Simple, Style Me Pretty, Ruffled, Inspired by This, Grey Likes Weddings and Green Wedding Shoes.

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