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Book review and excerpt: Island Dreams by Kimberly Rose Johnson

Today, I'd like to share this special feature with you: an excerpt from Kimberly Rose Johnson's new novel Island Dreams! But first, I'd like to share one of the many positive reviews about Kimberly's book. 

Here's one example of a five-star review for Kimberly's book:
"Island Dreams is the second book in the Wildflower Bed and Breakfast Romance series. It's a marvelous story with a beautiful setting. I love the characters and how each one has their own unique personality. The romance between Chase and Piper can relate to many of us. Sometimes both have to find a compromise to make a situation or romance work. This book attracted my attention from the first chapter. I enjoyed reading Island Dreams and looking forward to the next book. I highly recommend reading this book by a great author. I received a complimentary copy from the author in exchange for my honest review. This review is one hundred percent my opinion." 

~Barbara Thompson writes on Sept. 3, 2015, in review of Island Dreams (Kindle edition) on "Marvelous Story With A Beautiful Setting!" 

Chapter One (excerpt from Island Dreams):

PIPER HUNT HATED TO BE LATE but this time it couldn’t be helped. She rushed into the general store where the smell of coffee permeated the air. She’d give anything for a good cup right now. She hoped this place had a decent brew but was doubtful. She already missed the Starbucks in her Tacoma office building.

She stopped abruptly as her surroundings registered in her brain. “Whoa.” She’d stepped back in time at least fifty years. Her dad had warned her about Wildflower Island, but this was the kind of place one had to see to believe.

The general store looked like something out of Little House on the Prairie only somewhat modernized. She looked around the expansive space. It really wasn’t bad. On one side groceries and sundries were lined up neatly on old-fashioned wood shelves reminiscent of a simpler time in history, on the other side a small café.

She squared her shoulders and strode to the right toward the café. Now to find Chase Grayson. She looked around the room and didn’t spot anyone that could be described as six foot tall and in his early thirties. She glanced at her watch. The ferry to the island had been a little late this morning thanks to a stalled vehicle. The man was supposed to meet her here ten minutes ago. Had he given up and left? She’d sent him a text, but he hadn’t replied. Maybe he never saw it.

A guy who looked to be in his late teens stood at the café’s register. “May I help you?”

“I hope so. I’m looking for Chase Grayson. I was supposed to meet him here.”

“You missed him. He left a few minutes ago. Are you Piper?”


He held out a piece of paper. “He asked me to give this to you.”

“Thank you. Could I get an iced coffee to go, please?” “Sure.”
 She unfolded the note while the young man prepared her drink.

Ms. Hunt, 
I had to run. Will catch up with you at the property.


She frowned. “Great.”
“That’ll be three dollars.” He slid the drink across the counter. “Problem?”

She handed him three ones and picked up the cup. “Thanks. No problem, other than I lost my guide. Any idea how to get to the Hunt property?” She sipped the coffee and grinned, surprised. At least she knew where to find good coffee even if she didn’t know where to find Chase Grayson.

“Sorry, Ma’am. I’ve never heard of it. Are you sure you have the right name?”

“Positive. Maybe the people at the Wildflower Bed-and-Breakfast will be able to help. Thanks.” She rushed to her black Jeep Wrangler, hopped in, then paused. The GPS should be able to guide her to the property with the latitude and longitude coordinates and would save her a trip to the B&B. She pulled out the file in her brief case and entered the coordinates into her GPS.

Mr. Grayson or no Mr. Grayson, she would find the six- hundred-and-forty acre parcel she’d come to see. She backed out, eased onto the main road, and followed the winding curves. She passed a golf club that apparently also had a restaurant. At least that building looked up-to-date and much nicer than anything else she’d seen so far on the island. She continued on until the road ended at a wooded area where her GPS indicated she’d arrived. “This must be it.”

A knock sounded on her window. She jumped and spun her head to the left. A frowning man with short-cropped brown hair stood a foot from her door.

She stepped out. “You must be Chase Grayson.” She held out her hand noting his rough callouses, but was pleased by his firm grip. Her dad always said you could tell a good man by his firm handshake. Dad would like Chase. “I’m Piper Hunt. It’s nice to meet you. I’m sorry I missed you at the store, but the ferry was a little late. Someone’s car stalled, and as luck would have it I was stuck behind them.”

He softened, flashing perfect white teeth. “I’m glad you made it off.” The man stood at least six feet tall to her five-foot- seven inches. He wore Levis and a tucked in, button up, plaid shirt. Kind of outdoorsy, but he looked safe enough.

“I was a little confused by your message. Are you with a development company or is this family property?”

His forced nonchalance sent alarm bells ringing in her head. Would he try to stop her if he knew her plan? She could lie, but that was no way to start off a potential project. She needed to have a good working relationship with this man. “Both.”
 He crossed his arms and narrowed his eyes. “I see. And what exactly do you have in mind?”

So much for that good working relationship she’d hoped for.
Author bio:
Kimberly Rose Johnson, soon to be empty-nester, lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and their yellow lab.  

Island Dreams is her seventh published book and the second in a series of three. 

Kimberly enjoys long walks, chocolate, and mochas, not necessarily in that order.
Book blurb: 
Piper Hunt arrives on Wildflower Island to develop family property into an upscale resort knowing this may be her last chance to prove her worth to her father. With grandiose ideas, she soon finds herself at odds with adjoining property owner, Chase Grayson. 

As she begins to appreciate the simplicity of the island, she struggles to maintain balance between her father’s wishes, preserving the natural beauty of the island, and her attraction for Chase. 

Chase Grayson values the peace and quiet of Wildflower Island. That serenity is threatened when Piper Hunt discloses her plans to develop an upscale resort that not only butts up to his property, but will turn the island into a busy tourist destination. 

In fighting her plans, he also finds himself fighting his attraction to her. If he doesn’t stop her plans for the resort, his life will be altered forever. If he succeeds, it means he will never see her again. Can he live with either choice?

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