Thursday, January 29, 2015

Thankful Thursday: God Knows

The song above says it ALL.

I could end this blog post right here, right?

But I won't because it's Thursday and I'm thankful for the fact that God KNOWS.

He knows it ALL and not in a puffed up persona. No, God knows it all because He created this world and everything and everyone in it. Beyond that, He created and rules the entire universe. Newsflash: there are other worlds beside this one and I don't just mean the planets in our solar system.

So why not trust Him with every single detail of your life? Why not wait on God for that best friend, that significant other, that dream job, that quiet hope in your heart that only...yes you guessed it, GOD KNOWS.

My favorite way that God speaks to me is by dropping songs into my spirit. I know He speaks to me this way because when I am discouraged or hurting, a certain Contemporary Christian or Gospel song will start playing in my mind. Sometimes it's just the first few lines/lyrics or the chorus. But ALL the time, it is exactly what I need to hear and I become calm and focused. God totally readjusts my attitude and outlook on life when He breathes life into whatever situation seems hopeless, through the music ministry of my favorite Christian musicians.

God gives us the breath of life. No, it's not your alarm clock that wakes you every morning, it's Your Creator God who allows you to see another day. God loves you will all His divine heart. He wants what's best for you.

So again, why not go to Him with all of your concerns, questions, fears, hopes and dreams? Because remember, He knows.

"If God already knows what I want," you may be thinking right now. "Then why ask?"

The answer is the same for people in relationships--communication. God wants to hear from you every day if not every moment of your life. You don't have to talk out loud or kneel to pray. He's given you the power and privilege to pray silently without uttering an audible word. He can read your thoughts because yes, you guessed it, He knows! :)

Finally, a thought to remember: When you feel like no one understands you because they have not been through what you've endured and don't know how to help, go to God because...that's right, He knows! Not only does God understand you, His Son Jesus Christ has been through everything you're going through and more. Best of all, God's not going anywhere. He's here for you and He knows exactly what you need.

Be encouraged.



P.S._ Read Psalm 139 for Bible-based insight into why God knows everything about you. 

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