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The Story of Jesus Christ, a Christmas devotional relevant all year

Christmas Eve is today which means Christmas Day is tomorrow, at least here in the United States of America. But if you live in Australia or Asia, you are already celebrating Christmas Day because where you live the date is Dec. 25, 2014. Isn't it amazing how one side of the world is living in today and the other side is already witnessing tomorrow?

What's even more amazing is the story of Jesus Christ. He came into this world in the form of a baby to give us life. Not only to teach us how to live every day life for God but to show us the way to heaven so that at the end of humankind's story here on Earth, we can have a chance at eternal life.

What better way to celebrate the holiday season than to remember the reason for the season (Jesus Christ)? Today, I invite you to read a devotional written by Katheryn Maddox Haddad, a woman with a heart for sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Take it away Katheryn! 

The Story of Jesus Christ: A Christmas Devotional
Written by Katheryn Maddox Haddad

The adjustments Jesus had to make for us. They were infinite.

He gave up his spirit body that could be everywhere in the cosmos at once, to be confined in a human body that could only touch, see, and hear a few feet in any direction.

He gave up his throne for an animal’s feed trough. He could have at least been born in the holy temple. But that was not enough. He had to give up everything.

He gave up glory for swaddling bands. He could have brought with him a halo; he preferred to become, in every way, one of us.

He gave up the admiration of angels for no one even noticing his birth except for dirty, smelly shepherds. They couldn’t even stay very long to worship him.

He gave up streets of gold for streets sometimes littered with putrid garbage.

He gave up the protective love of his Father to be chased by an evil king until his parents had to flee their own country to protect him.

He gave up the tree of life so he could wander the hills without even a place to lay his head so he could give people his bread of life.

He gave up most of his powers most of the time so he wouldn’t make us feel too inferior. He could have called lightning down on sinners. He held his powers back and only used them to prove who he was ~ the Prince of Peace.

He gave up angel songs for weeping.

He gave up tranquility to be tortured on a cross. How easily he could have willed himself down from it. He knew he had been born to die.

He had never been born before. He had never died before. It was only by doing both that he could overcome death for us, and give us new birth.

All this he did for his enemies, sinners of the world ~ all of us.

It is beyond our comprehension to fathom what he gave up. It is beyond our grasp to understand. God put his words in a human body for awhile so he could walk the earth with us. Such love. We are awed.

All we can do is fall at his feet and whisper, “Thank you.”

About the author: 

Katheryn Maddox Haddad grew up in the north and now lives in Arizona where there is no snow. She lives with her palm trees, cacti, music, and a computer with most of the letters worn off.

With a bachelor’s degree in English, Bible and social science from Harding University and part of a master’s degree in Bible, including Greek, from the Harding Graduate School of Theology, she also has a master’s degree in management and human relations from Abilene University.

Her newspaper column appeared for several years in newspapers in Texas and North Carolina ~ Little Known Facts About the Bible ~ and she has written for numerous Christian publications. For several years, she has been sending out every morning a daily scripture and short inspirational thought to some 10,000 people around the world.

She spends half her day writing, and the other half teaching English over the internet worldwide using the Bible as text book. She has taught some 5000 Muslims through World English Institute. Students she has converted to Christianity are in hiding in Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Yemen, Uzbekestan, and Palestine. “They are my heroes,” she declares.

Katheryn is a member of Christian Writers of the West and American Christian Fiction Writers, and is also an energetic public speaker who can touch the heart of audiences.

Her books include Applied Christianity, Inside the Hearts of Bible Women, The Holy Spirit in 365 Scriptures, Revelation: A Love Letter From God, Worship Changes Since the First Century, Worship the First-Century Way, The Best of Alexander Campbell’s Millennial Harbinger, and Christianity or Islam: The Contrast. Her Inspirations Under the Thinking Tree is a series of short reads on numerous thoughtful topics. She has also written two books on genealogy.

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