Thursday, May 30, 2013

Thankful Thursday: Purity

It’s Thursday and I’m thankful for Adriana Lima (pictured above) and all the women in the world like her who take the Bible-based stand on purity.

Adriana Lima is a very beautiful Brazilian model most famous perhaps for her work as an “angel” for Victoria’s Secret. Contrary to popular belief about gorgeous models like her, Adriana 
stayed a virgin until marriage and she wasn’t afraid to admit it to the world.

According to, Lima, “is a devout Roman Catholic who attends mass every Sunday. In April 2006, she told GQ that she was a virgin. "Sex is for after marriage," she explained. "They [men] have to respect that this is my choice. If there's no respect, that means they don't want me."

And on St. Valentine’s Day 2009, Lima’s wait was over as she married her one true love Serbian NBA player Marko Jarić. Nine months after her wedding day, Lima gave birth to her firstborn daughter, Valentina Lima Jarić (born November 15, 2009) and less than four years later, the happily married couple welcomed their second-born baby girl Sienna into the world.

Women who look like every man’s fantasy (such as Lima) who have the opportunity to travel the world and meet many attractive admirers in powerful places often give into pressure to have sex before marriage. Honestly, women in general—whether considered “hot” or not, famous or ordinary—given the right opportunity and certain circumstance can easily fall into the trap of thinking that sex before marriage is not a big deal and start giving their body to the man they're in love with but not married to. After all, they may reason, there is more to you than your sexuality—you have your brain, your passion, your dreams, your goals. And yes, that is true there is more to you than sex appeal but that’s no reason to give your ‘V card’ (metaphorical symbol for virginity) to the first guy with whom you fall madly in love. It’s also not okay to lose your virginity to the second guy you’re in a relationship with or the third or the fourth, et cetera even if you've waited past the first date or three months or whatever rule society says to save yourself until. 

According to God's Word (The Holy Bible), The only time that it is safe and approved by God to consummate a relationship with sex is AFTER you are married, not when you’re engaged but AFTER you signed the marriage license which is an act to be witnessed by an ordained minister who officiated a wedding between you and the man of your dreams.

Now this message is not just for the ladies. It’s for the men too. In past years, friends have told me that they have sex before marriage because “guys expect it” or they’re “madly in love so it’s okay”. It takes two to tango. So dear men in this audience please do not pressure your women who you’re dating to “do the tango” and you know I don’t mean “dance.” Attraction and hormones are real and yes, people make mistakes when they feel they are passionately in love. BUT it takes TWO to tango and if BOTH parties (the man and the woman) are determined to save themselves for marriage then it won’t be easy but after your wedding you will see that it was SO WORTH IT.

So yes, I am not only thankful but inspired by supermodel Adriana Lima’s commitment and testimony to the fact that when true love waits, the result is not only safe but BEAUTIFUL.

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