Monday, May 27, 2013

Book Review: Undeniably Yours

After her father’s death, Meg Cole returns home to Texas and Whispering Creek Ranch in order to take charge of her father's oil business empire which includes a Thoroughbred racehorse farm. 

Meg is a tenderhearted, soft-spoken gal so running an empire and ranch is not her cup of tea. So she decides to close down the ranch, telling the manager Bo Porter that he has six months to close the farm. 

A very determined, hard-working individual who loves his job, Bo doesn’t want to let go of his career which is his passion, the employees who need to make a living, or the horses who are dear to his heart so he sets out to fight Meg’s executive decision. But despite his best efforts, Bo soon finds himself falling in love with Meg and feels a fierce desire to protect her life. Bo’s instinct to protect Meg may come in necessary when Meg’s money-hungry, deceitful and dangerous ex-husband comes back into her life. 

A classic story of status, love and faith, Undeniably Yours is a book that will touch your heart and inspire your soul. 

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