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Romantic Reads: Snowbound in Winterberry Falls by Ann Brodeur

The Story Behind the story “Snowbound in Winterberry Falls” 
by Ann Brodeur

Christmas in New England

It was like any other day when the inspiration struck. My morning coffee had been re-heated (for the third or fourth time) and the three oldest kiddos had boarded the school bus hours ago. My littlest one was happy playing on the floor.

Finally, a moment for me.

I flipped on my computer, opened up Facebook and lost myself on an endless rabbit trail. A friend posted an interesting article on a resort in New England. Nothing strange about that, except the resort celebrated Christmas all year round.

Christmas is one of my favourite holidays (behind Thanksgiving and Easter) so of course the idea of a Christmas-themed resort was definitely appealing. I kept following the trail around Christmas events in New England, dreaming of my own New England holiday.

My trail took me to a place called Middlebury, VT, nestled in the Green Mountains. From November 30 to the end of December, Very Merry Middlebury is an annual Christmas celebration that transforms the downtown center into a winter wonderland.

I loved the idea of a Christmas festival – an ideal backdrop for a holiday story. 

Story Questions

I started asking questions. For a place that loves Christmas so much, what would happen if things started disappearing – essential items to help the celebration? Who would do such a thing? Why?

Who would find out what was going on? Who had the skills required to solve the mystery? A police officer was too obvious, as was a P.I. or a detective for my main character.

As I started to hash out these details, another side story started forming – one that involved a bit of romance. My two main characters had known each other in the past, but had lost contact for some reason or another. A secret so huge between them had sent one of them running. For good.

I’m not into secret babies. So it couldn’t be that. I’m not about secret marriages or life-threatening diseases that would inevitably separate them forever. It had to be big enough to have the capability of blowing up in one or both of their faces. But it couldn’t be dark since this was supposed to be a Christmas story. And there had to be some funny moments too.

What could it possibly be?

Research, Research and Research Again

I had created three backstories to whatever it was that would ultimately be responsible for separating my couple in the past, but I needed to know if my scenario was even possible.

I started digging into newspaper articles covering a myriad of topics, which eventually led me to the big secret that pulled Stephanie and Jason apart in the first place (and no, I’m not going to spoil it for you). I pulled up university newspapers, local papers, and even some national articles to find that one missing piece.

I found a thread that would work. But was it enough?

More newspaper articles, various professional websites and publications led to what felt like a believable backstory that would deliver what I was aiming at. A compelling enough reason to keep my hero away for twelve years.

A Holiday Story with a Bit of Intrigue and a Whole Lot of Redemption

What started out as a simple ‘share’ on Facebook, turned into Snowbound in Winterberry Falls.

Redemption and forgiveness is a huge theme as my characters struggle along in their faith journey. It hasn’t been easy for Jason Miller to live with the decision he was forced to make. And instead of trusting God with the outcome, he walked away from the only One who could help him. As for Stephanie, now more than ever she’ll have to cling to her faith and trust God with the outcome – no matter what.

A buried story. A powerful senator. A Christmas they won’t forget.

Book blurb for Snowbound in Winterberry Falls by Ann Brodeur:

Unwrapping their past – one secret at a time. 

Owning her own PR firm is all reporter Stephanie Clark wants for Christmas, but the idea of running a prestigious election campaign in the country’s capital throws her stomach into knots. A last-minute vacation road trip to focus and seek God’s direction for her life ends up in disaster when she gets caught in the worst snowstorm to hit Vermont in over a decade, crashing her into a small town and the one person she’d rather forget.

Former photojournalist Jason Miller hadn’t planned on being solely responsible for saving his family business from financial ruin. He’s barely keeping the newspaper in print, his News Editor has gone AWOL during the town’s most celebrated holiday festival, and reports of missing Christmas decorations have everyone on edge.

When a desperate knock at the newsroom door brings a ghost from Christmas past back into his life, can Jason make up for his prior behavior without breaking his promise to Stephanie’s father? 

Will Stephanie’s quest to solve the town’s Christmas caper—and uncover the truth about Jason’s disappearance—cost her everything she’s ever wanted?

Author Bio:

Ann Brodeur is an award-winning novelist who writes inspirational and contemporary romances offering sweet hope and happy endings.

When she’s not reading, writing, chasing after her kids or enjoying long chats with her husband, Ann can be found drinking coffee, that’s been reheated several times throughout the day.

She aspires to someday drink a hot beverage in one sitting.

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