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Romantic Reads: Interview with Anne Greene about "A Crazy Optimist"

Welcome Anne Greene to the blog today!

She's here to talk about her book, A Crazy Optimist.

Enjoy her interview! 

Interview questions for Anne Greene about her book, A Crazy Optimist:

Alexis: Why did you write this book and call it A Crazy Optimist?

Anne: I don’t usually write Romantic Comedy, but I love to read that genre. So this is one of my first Romantic Comedies. I found the book so fun to write, that it certainly won’t be my last. The title comes from the heroine Sparkle January’s personality.

Alexis: Sparkle January is quite a creative name! What was the inspiration behind it?

Anne: Her character sprang full-blown into my imagination as well as her name. I always give my books a sprinkle of action, mystery, and adventure, even my comedies.

Alexis: Why did you give Sparkle a passion for pet taxidermy?

Anne: I find taxidermy a bit gruesome and wanted to discover the brighter side, where owners who love their pets want to keep them in as lifelike posture as possible and a fun-loving person like Sparkle was just the woman to do the almost impossible.

Alexis: What’s involved in being a “Professional Maid of Honor” and why did Sparkle choose this new career?

Anne: Sparkle’s acted as Maid of Honor ten times with her friends. She knows the ropes. She takes the Diva from feuding friends and smooths the unexpected last-minute bumps that inevitably occur during the stress of weddings. Also, in New York, some brides don’t have a best friend she can ask to be her Maid of Honor, so Sparkle happily fills the gap.

Alexis: Why did Sparkle move to New York City? Where did she live originally?

Anne: Sparkle is from Podunk-Town, Texas and moved to New York looking for adventure.

Alexis: How did Sparkle first meet Nick Patrizio?

Anne: Sparkle has Directional Dyslexia which means she has absolutely no sense of direction. She claims she gets lost in a revolving door. When she arrived in New York, Nick rescued her by carting her nine bags to an apartment near his restaurant after she’d taken the wrong subway, then the wrong bus.

What is it about Nick that compels Sparkle to pour her heart out to him over coffee quite often?

Anne: Nick fell in love with Sparkle the first moment he saw her. He gladly listens to her each day when she drops in for coffee and to tell him her troubles. He suggests that she turn down the job of being a Professional Hugger.

Alexis: Paint a picture with words of Harvey’s On The Harbor. What makes it special?

Anne: Harvey’s has a huge bay window overlooking the sun-tossed harbor. Nick fills his restaurant with the scent of gardenia and savory spaghetti sauce. Nick and his listening ear make the place special. Besides, Sparkle can only afford his highly aromatic coffee, and what other New York restaurant would give her coffee order a warm welcome rather than a cold shoulder?

Alexis: Why does Sparkle believe that she is an “ugly duckling” and not a beautiful swan?

Anne: She’d been a Maid of Honor at her ten friends’ weddings, why did she not have a fianc√©? Her hair was a dishwater color and she’d gained weight since moving to New York. Her posh hair stylist called her mousy until he got his hands on her. Didn’t date much at Texas Tech. Majored in Meteorology but was told she was too fat to be on television.

Alexis: Let’s talk about Nick. What makes him tick? Describe his looks, personality, and his outlook on life.

Anne: Nick has six sisters and no brothers. He’s an almost handsome guy who loves to smile and was honest and sincere. On a scale of one to ten, at least a seven. He grew up Catholic, but became a Christian

Alexis: What is it about Sparkle that made Nick fall in love with her at first sight?

Anne: He loved her sparkling personality.

Alexis: What is the basis for Nick and Sparkle’s friendship?

Anne: Open honesty, especially while Sparkle is unaware of Nick’s love.

Alexis: Does Sparkle have a clue that Nick is in love with her? Why or why not?

Anne: No. She thinks he is her best friend.

Alexis: What do you want readers to remember most about this story?

Anne: First, I want them to laugh and enjoy the story. Then as Sparkle discovered, dates come and go, but a best friend is forever. Marriage is built on honest communication, shared ideals, and sharing of secrets—even if the secret could change the married life. But if one is really in love, one will accept the sacrifice and marry to give the loved one the best possible life.

Alexis: If you could step into this story as a professional counselor, what advice would you give Sparkle and Nick about life, love and their relationship?

Anne: I don’t think they need a professional counselor. I think they solved the problem themselves.

Alexis: Thanks for the interview, Anne! Do you have closing comments?

Anne: I love talking with my readers. I hope they will go to my website and sign up for my newsletter, so we can keep in touch. https://www.annegreeneauthor.com/

Thank you so much, Alexis for visiting with me.

Author Bio:

Anne Greene lives in the quaint antiquing town of McKinney, Texas, a few miles north of Dallas. Her husband is a retired Colonel, Army Special Forces. Her little brown and white Shih Tzu, Lily Valentine, shares her writing space, curled at her feet.  

Whether writing contemporary or historical, Anne’s books celebrate the abundant life.

Anne is an award-winning author of twenty-nine books. She loves writing about alpha heroes who aren’t afraid to fall on their knees in prayer, and about gutsy heroines. She hopes her stories transport you to awesome new worlds and touch your heart.

Her first book in her CIA Operatives series opens with Shadow of the Dagger. Her Women of Courage series spotlights heroic women of World War II. Blast off with Angel With Steel Wings. Her Holly Garden, Private Investigator series opens with Red Is For Rookie

Enjoy her award- winning Scottish historical romances. Anne hopes her stories transport you to awesome new worlds and touch your heart.

Book Blurb for A Crazy Optimist:

This Romantic Comedy stars a Crazy Optimist who owns a Pet Taxidermy shop and supplements her income by becoming a Professional Maid Of Honor. 

Sparkle January recently moved to New York City. She finds a best friend in Nick Patrizio, whose Harvey’s On The Harbor restaurant is around the corner from Sparkle’s apartment. She visits Harvey’s daily, not to eat, but to tell her troubles to Nick and drink coffee.

Sparkle finds that building both her new professions brings unexpected difficulties and dilemmas. And she’s intent on transforming herself from Ugly Duckling into Acceptable Swan. 

Nick is the voice of reason and safety in the storms. Nick’s had tragedies of his own but falls for Sparkle the first moment she breezes into his restaurant. But Sparkle hides a secret that forces her to guard her heart. And what is the key to Sparkle’s optimism?

Connect with Anne:

To learn more of Anne, join her newsletter, and view her art and pictures of her extensive travel, visit her at www.AnneGreeneAuthor.com.

Anne’s books are available at www.AnneGreeneAuthor.com.

To contact Anne, visit her at www.facebook.com/AnneWGreeneAuthor.

To view Anne’s books go to www.annegreeneauthor.com/anne-s-books.html.

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