Friday, July 31, 2020

Devotionals for the Heart: God's Will

Remaining in God’s Will
A devotional by Temeka Borden

“After this manner therefore pray ye: Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven.” 
– Matthew 6:9-10 (KJV)

One of the most common questions I receive is, “What is God’s will for me?”

Typically, when I am asked this question by my readers and viewers, they are asking in regard to a major decision they must make such as a relationship/marriage, a career opportunity, et cetera. To questions such as these, I typically respond by encouraging the reader to invest in some real “God time” so they can get the answers they need, although I know some are looking for me to give them a more specific answer. 

In fact, I remember one reader telling me her entire situation regarding her boyfriend and asking what she should do. It’s almost as though she knew the right thing to do, but she was hesitant to do the “right thing.” I felt as though she wanted me to give her an answer different from the “right one.” However, I responded by saying, “I can’t answer that for you, but if you pray about it, God will show you the answer.”

God Time 

I know it’s not easy making certain decisions, which is why I constantly discuss the importance of prayer, worship, meditation, and studying our Bibles. Doing so helps “unclog” our ears so that we can hear the truth. Doing so helps soften our hearts and humbles us so that we obey God. Doing so helps clear our minds so that we are not deceived and distracted by our freshly desires.

Prayer, meditation, and Bible time (God time) is not a chore. God time is not something we just check off our list. This time is precious. It shows God that He is first in our lives, that we truly love Him, and that we are committed to continually developing our bond with Him.


You may notice I keep mentioning “God time.” This precious time may entail various things to various people. However, for me and as already mentioned, it involves prayer, meditation, and studying the Bible.

Regarding prayer, another question I commonly receive is, “How should one pray?”

Well, I wrote a separate post regarding that topic, and one thing to note is that we should always ask that God’s will be done, as stated in Matthew 6:10. God knows what is best and it is in His will that we find continued protection and direction. Our flesh can get us into trouble. Allow me to write that again. Our FLESH can get us into trouble!

Our flesh clouds our vision of what God wants in our lives, and it is so important that we keep our flesh under subjection. God sees things that our flesh (or natural eyes) cannot see, including any hidden dangers. For example, we may be presented with an opportunity, and to the natural eye, that opportunity may seem perfect. However, behind that opportunity may be much grief, pain, and sorrow. Again, there may be hidden dangers that we did not see or consider, and we place ourselves in positions where we face hurt that could have been avoided had we listened to God. Thankfully, we have a compassionate, forgiving Savior who rights our wrongs, but also expects us to learn from our mistakes.

Look, we have all been there at one point in our lives. We allowed flesh to dictate our decision. We rushed into a decision. We allowed people to pressure us into a decision. We wanted something so bad that we convinced ourselves that something was God approved (and it wasn’t), and we ended up making the WRONG decision. However, hopefully, we learned. We healed. We allowed the hardship we endured as a result of our decisions make us stronger, and we committed to working on getting better aligned with God.

Remember, if we receive a “no” from God regarding something our flesh wants, His intent is not to hurt us. Quite often, it’s His method of protection. So remain under God’s protection. Remain in the will of God. Trust His wisdom and let Him lead you in all things!

Author Bio:
Temeka Borden, better known by her pen name “Positivity Inspires,” is an author, speaker, minister, PharmD, multi-state licensed pharmacist, founder and owner of Positivity Inspires, LLC, and most importantly, a servant of the Lord. 

She was introduced to Christ at a very early age and was raised in the church. Her ministry focuses on encouraging Christians to love God first, to love all people, to continually strengthen their bond with Christ, and to study His Word, and live His Word daily.

Dr. Borden has been blessed with a variety of gifts, and she has gained much professional experience in a variety of settings. She also has served in administrative roles in the professional and church settings.

In addition to obtaining her PharmD, she also obtained her bachelor's degree in biology (minor in English), and she is working on her third degree. What's more, as stated in her words, “I completed a specialty pharmacy residency that prepared me for the workforce and made me a force to be reckoned with.” She is a long-distance runner, a drummer, a singer, and she has a strong “fashion sense.” She also can read and type at almost supersonic speed in some instances.

Dr. Borden loves to learn and is constantly looking for new ways to challenge herself.

She loves God and she loves people. She is “crazy about her family,” and she adores her friends. She strongly encourages others to show kindness, respect, and love to everyone. She loves and welcomes diversity and flourishes in culturally diverse environments.

Dr. Borden loves to laugh and loves to make other people laugh. She also is passionate about giving back to the community. Her favorite sayings are “Speak Up!” and “Watch God Work!”

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