Monday, June 11, 2018

Devotionals for the Heart: The Details

God, Are You Listening?

A devotional by Tammy Karasek

God is in the small details as much as He is the big ones of our lives. Scripture proves it. Read Luke 12:22-31 then ponder this: If He tends to the itty-bitty Lily of the valley and feeds the ravens, then why wouldn’t He be concerned about us as well? We worry about issues in our lives and wonder why God doesn’t answer our prayers now. Sometimes we don’t even stop to pray because we think that He wouldn’t want to be bothered with our little things.

I often think God may not be listening or may not be interested in what I need. If I’m honest, feeling unimportant is usually when I’m being impatient for a prayer not yet answered. The answer I want on my time. Through the years I’ve learned that God’s answer may not be what I was looking for and God’s timing wasn’t my timing—thank goodness!

I was reminded this past week that God has perfect timing and cares about those details in my life that are important to me. Three people made comments to me at three different times that were undeniably from God. They were directly related to questions I’d been praying—well, whining about—for several months regarding my writing and the direction in which I should go. In other words, I was searching for my purpose. Can anyone relate? None of these conversations had anything to do with the other except for the common denominator—me. None of these folks knew me, or even knew my story. They wouldn’t have had a clue I’d been praying about these things.

Yet in God’s sweet way, He used each of these three ladies to speak the words that my heart needed to hear. Words that slammed Satan’s lies to the ground faster than a throw down on a wrestling mat. The statements made in all three scenarios were delivered in such a matter of fact way, I was taken aback each time they were said. Realizing I had received answers to these long-term prayers, I just wanted to walk away to go sit and cry.

But first, I needed to ask forgiveness from God for thinking He didn’t care about the details in my life that caused me to worry and question so many things. I needed to see that He, in fact, had been listening to me through it all.

Waiting is never easy. But, oh friend, as those answers come when God chooses to deliver them, you can bet they will be at the perfect time and be just what He wanted for you. They may or may not be as fast as you’d like them and they may or may not be the answer you wanted, but you can guarantee they will be God’s best for you.

I’d like to encourage and challenge you today. If you’re holding back from asking God for an answer or for direction, might I be bold and tell you—ask for it. Then take it one step further, thank Him for the answer He will give you. Yes, have faith that He does answer and thank Him every day until you see that answer.

Step out of the way and let Him prepare you for just the right answer. In just the right time.

Author Bio:
You’ll find Tammy seeing humor and causing laughter in every aspect of life. Tammy’s past filled with bullying and criticism is the driving force of her passion to always encourage others and share with them the Reason to smile. 

She’s been blissfully wedded to her college sweetheart, Larry, for 36 years, mom to their grown daughter, Kristen and wrapped around the paw of a little puppy named Hattie.

She’s the President of Cross N Pens Christian Writers and a member of ACFW. She will be published in the 2018 Divine Moments book – Cool-nary Moments.
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  1. Great message that I really needed today. His answer is always best. :-)


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