Friday, May 11, 2018

Devotionals for the Heart: Sara's story about stepping out on faith

Be of Good Cheer
A devotional by Sara L. Foust

"But straightway Jesus spake unto them, saying, Be of good cheer; it is I; be not afraid." ~Matthew 14:27 (KJV)

Has God ever asked you to do something scary? Something intimidating? Something so far out of your comfort zone you can’t even see your bubble of safety anymore? 

He has me. A few times now. And man, have I been scared standing at the beginning of those particular new jobs, often wondering why, Lord? Why me? How does my willingness in this area of life play into the bigger picture? What will I learn through this experience?

The truth is, though, that we don’t need to know the why, how, and what. When God asks, we should simply go. Easier said than done, right? 

I very highly doubt that the men and women in the Bible wanted to walk into the middle of a wilderness with no provisions whatsoever. Or that Peter wanted to step out of the safety of that boat to tread atop the water with Jesus. In fact, even the fleshly part of Jesus, the part that felt the agony and the pain, didn’t want to be crucified. He prayed for strength, though, and was willing to walk the line His Heavenly Father had laid out for him. I’m thankful I don’t have to suffer like He did. To this point, every job God has given me has blessed me beyond measure and only added to the joy in my life. 

As I write this, I realize I’m standing on the cusp of walking into the unknown. Just like the men and women of the Bible, God has asked me to do something for Him. I’ve accepted the call and I board a flight on Monday morning to literally fly all the way across the world. I’m leaving my babies, my husband, my every day, routine life to do something scary. Intimidating. Way, way far outside my comfort zone. 

But I know I will be okay, because Jesus is whispering in my heart that I should not be afraid. “Be of good cheer, child, there’s a reason you were called. There’s a reason you must go. There’s a reason, a plan, a puzzle piece that needs to be placed. By you.”

By the time you read this devotional, I will be on a plane headed home. I don’t know what the next two weeks hold for me, but I do know that I trust Him completely. I will have stories to share, photos to show off, and goodies to give to my family when I return. But more than that I have a feeling I will be different. 

With each tear I shed, joy or exhaustion or homesickness, I know they will be making me who God needs me to be for the next step in this journey. I will go and be of good cheer. I will not be afraid. Will you? 

Author Bio:
Sara writes Inspirational Romantic Suspense from a mini-farm in East Tennessee, where she lives with her husband and their five homeschooled children. 

She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Animal Science from the University of Tennessee and is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers and Tennessee Mountain Writers.

Her debut novel Callum's Compass won second place in Deep River Books' 2017 Writer's Contest. She also has a story, “Leap of Faith,” in Chicken Soup for the Soul: Step Outside Your Comfort Zone. Sara finds inspiration in her faith, her family, and the beauty of nature.

When she isn’t writing, you can find her reading, camping, and spending time outdoors with her family. To learn more about her and her work or to become a part of her email friend’s group, please visit


  1. Thank you, and good reminder. We always need that. I thought I'd cured myself of new job willies by temping for a couple of years...nope. Took the "perfect" job and realized that wasn't where I supposed to be. Yikes.

  2. Oh goodness! Praying God shows you where you are supposed to go from here!


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